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Low carb diets are basically anti-carbohydrates diets. Low carb diets make you eat fewer carbs than most doctors would suggest. While the experts recommend that adults get about half of their calories from carbs, low-carb diet limits the eating of carb to10 percent of daily calories consumed.
Before going anti-carb, lets know what they are. Carbs are very important nutrients in food. They are the body’s main energy source, supplying energy for everyday activities and making sure everything from your muscles to brain is working properly.
Not all carbs are nutritious. "Good" ones are processed and are full of vitamins and minerals, for example: whole-grain pasta and bread, veggies, and fruit. "Bad" ones come from foods like white bread and sugary sweets, which are full of calories and don't have a lot of nutritional value.

There are many many low carb diets. the most popular ones include Atkins, Dukan, Eco-Atkins, Medifast, the Paelo and the South beach diet.
In my opinion the Atkins diet is the most popular because of it results:

Notice that the difference of time is about 3 weeks

The Atkins diet is diet which cuts down carbohydrates and makes you focus on fats and proteins, etc.. The Atkins diet has multiple phases for weight loss, 4 the least.
Low carb diet menu 
You basically eat proteins and fats, like: Chicken, meat, fish, shellfish, and eggs. You have to stay away from sweets, pasta, potatoes, and bread, they are full of carbs. along with them fruits are canceled as well on this type of diet, as are many (sugary) fruits and vegetables that are full of starch.
How do low-carb diets work and their claim
Your body naturally burns fat, that process is called metabolism. for example your metabolism burns 2000 calories and your daily intake is 3000, the extra thousand adds up. A diet with no carbs lowers the calorie intake because most carbs are full of calories, for example 1000. if you naturally burn 2000 and you only take in a 1000, the extra 1000 burn comes from your stored fat so every an extra 1000 is burned, that adds up. So low carb diets claim that they could take away most of the calories (carbs) and substitute them with proteins and fats.

Evidence FOR low carb diets
You could use people as living proof. The major weight loss in short periods; the low carb diets make you lose a lot of weight.

Low carbs diet and it restricts daily intake of carbohydrates as additionally reassuring higher intake of protein and fat. One pro of pursuing the Atkins diet is that you can discover how to change your eating customs for the larger and incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle. The diet additionally calls for you to add...

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