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William Shakespeare’s most tragic play, named Macbeth has been the most read play by high school students. It has been understood differently by every reader, but everyone knows the themes are ambition, fate, deception and treachery. Where we mostly see ambition by Macbeth is in the first act (Macbeth I.I.II). The chant "fair is foul, and foul is fair" is indeed the theme of the play Macbeth. I believe the entire play revolves around this chant. That may be the reason Shakespeare introduces this in the very beginning of the play. It simply means that whatever is fair to the common man is foul to the witches and to the people related to them. We have to recall from the story that Macbeth does ...view middle of the document...

It may also lead you to persecution for killing.
The reasons for Macbeth having to go through this is for letting his wife get into his head “And to be more than what you were, you would be so much more the man.” (I.vii. 50-51) Lady Macbeth. This addresses the fact that she encourages him and makes him feel like he is not worthy and she assaults his courage and brags about that if she made a vow to do something, she would follow through and not step down to being a coward. Lady Macbeth plans everything for him and has the dagger all prepared. (Act II. Scene 2). That is when Macbeth kills Duncan in his sleep, He makes the mistake of leaving the dagger because he was so nervous. This proving he did not mean it and was still afraid. But after his first murder he had to kill other poor innocent chamberlains "in a rage" the next morning when he comes upon them in "surprise" with Macduff--this evokes suspicion in the latter, as it is a seemingly vicious overreaction, one which Macbeth tries to support with the claim of being so completely outraged that he could not restrain himself. By now most students believe as well as me, that Macbeth was a nice innocent man and his intent was never to kill, only to harm Duncan. That’s why I am sure that this is a first degree murder....

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