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Madrid, Spain

Where do you think your dream city is? Is it Beijing, already learned about Cairo in Egypt, or nearby New York City? Well, mine is Madrid, Spain. The purpose of this essay is to inform you about the beautiful city of Madrid. If you think this is going to be another boring essay on some random city, think again! There is something in this city for everyone. That is why I will be explaining three main topics about Madrid, Spain.

My first main attraction is Retiro Park. First of all, all of the websites I researched for this attraction, it was always on one of the, "Must visit," lists so it must be good! The whole park is around three hundred and fifty acres! It ...view middle of the document...

Each room was neatly decorated with marvelous furniture and decoration, and even a staircase of honor! The person to live in this palace was King Carlos III, and then later generations came to live there. Near the front of the earlier explained Retiro Park, there is an unobstructed view of the palace. The reviews on this palace were four and five tenths out of five, so it's a must see attraction! In the front of the palace is a large statue. So if you're into architecture, this is for you! But, this palace is not the only thing with royal in its name though.

Nearby all those attractions is a theatre called the Royal Theatre. Another official name for it is Teatro Real, but mainly called the, "Opera Theatre." This theatre is so big its seating capacity is 1,854 depending on staging requirements. There is 28 boxes, and one royal box for the person in rule at the time. This theatre is one of the major opera houses of Madrid. In its earlier years it was in danger of falling because of lack of infiltration. It was renovated to a new theatre. Some famous people that performed there are Vendi and Wagner, (famous opera stars) but most of Europe's opera stars appeared here. Later after yet...

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