Management Responsibility During A Layoff Period.

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The management of this small manufacturer needs to focus on specific ideas to improve morale. First, I would suggest that management let those remaining know they are appreciated. Managers need to keep open lines of communication; inspire confidence in the company's future and make it clear that hard work and ideas pay off.The management staff needs to be candid and straightforward about problems and turmoil within the company. Once the remaining employees understand the company's position, set goals that apply to this new direction. Employees able to work towards commongoals will help focus their attention and energy on the future of the company while also helping them get through the current chaos.I believe having daily contact with staff is essential for maintaining morale. Honesty really is the best policy! Even if the future is grim, it's important to tell your staff what is really going on. As a leader, even if your own morale is down, you have to keep your head up. When employee morale is down, it's even more vital than ever that a managerbe a source of energy and guidance, even if it is just by keeping a smile on your face.Building morale through improved communication means more than smiling and keeping an open door, however. It means developing trust between yourself and your staff.In order to help employees adapt to the changes within the company, it is important to reassure the people who report to you of their value to you and the organization. You need to talk to them individually to let them...

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1034 words - 4 pages advantageous because it is a fair and safe means of determining who to layoff. Personnel Policy Service Inc (n.d) argues that it is also very easy to implement seniority as a selection criterion. However, using seniority as the sole selection criterion has it disadvantages. Companies that use seniority as their sole selection criterion run the risk of losing employees that have expertise, initiative, and leadership qualities but lack seniority

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2077 words - 8 pages timelines are summarized in Appendix A. Three Ways that a Layoff may Affect the Company There is no question that layoffs have negative effect on those employees that have been laid off from work. They lose wages, benefits and their confidence after they have been terminated from their job. It becomes a stressful time for them and the family they support during their career transition. An organization often suffers following a layoff period

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3837 words - 15 pages and strengthening bottom line results. Downs points out the direct correlation between CEO pay and downsizings. His recent analysis agrees with many other experts that there is no discernible correlation between executive pay and performance. Downs does, however find a correlation between CEO pay and downsizings. He recently examined 22 companies in a report by Fortune Magazine that announced during 1994 plans to layoff large groups of employees

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980 words - 4 pages Problem Statement Definition Virginia Mason Medical Center is a medical center located in Seattle, Washington. After a period of being unprofitable and declining morale amongst the staff there they tried to implement TQM and Six Sigma with limited results. During a chance encounter between a VMMC executive and a Boeing executive, VMMC was introduced to the Toyota Production System, TPS, which focused on eliminating waste, or the waste of

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853 words - 4 pages Recovering from the Recession The Three Trends are: • Teacher Layoffs • Fewer Summer Classes • Fewer School Counselors Teacher Layoffs Teacher layoff is a trend that has been around for decades, however in recent years this trend has risen remarkably. It has since cause significant stress on several stakeholders such as administrators, teachers, students, and parents in particular. Hence, I believe that teacher’s layoff is important when the

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1396 words - 6 pages a) Once a company has decided that layoffs are necessary, several steps would need to be take to determine the positions that should be cut back .The following the steps outlined below can help a company determine what positions to cut and to make the best layoff decisions for their business: 1. Decide what the company will need going forward/write company’s future goals 2. Determine If the RIF would only affects one area, will a specific

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1066 words - 4 pages . The early days of unions were met with bitter struggles with employers and the government supported the employers' interests. During this period of rapid technological evolutions, the union was outlawed and organizers were harassed and or jailed. Due to union organizers, the unions finally gained a foothold and were eventually recognized and accepted in the work force.As the unions such as Knights of Labor 1869 and American Federation of Labor 1886

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1575 words - 7 pages and know that some of the individuals are simply venting their frustration. As a safety precaution for the manager and the other employees, security should be close by just in case they are needed. The meeting should conclude a discussion of severance compensation if it is being offered (Stewart & Brown, 2012). Severance compensation provides money to help cover living expenses during the upcoming period of unemployment. In many cases, severance

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2623 words - 10 pages for the same period showed a 1.5% annual increase for the same period.Intertwined within each of these studies were comments and data relating to how morale and productivity go hand in hand. To get a better picture of how these two facets work together in the psyche of the layoff survivor, we must first take a look at some previous data, which describes the mindset of individuals left in the wake of downsizing.Morale (How do I Feel About Myself Now

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3531 words - 14 pages customers.Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to an organization's moral obligations toward all of its stakeholders. Stakeholders are the shareholders, customers, suppliers, governments, and any other groups with a vested interest in the organization.(McShane and Von Glinow, 2005, p. 17).Corporate Social ResponsibilityStakeholder Perspectives/Ethical DilemmasThe stakeholders in Global Communication are the Senior Management Team and the Union

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2022 words - 8 pages Abstract.This paper analyses the organizational effectiveness of Sunbeam during the 2-years management period of CEO Al Dunlap. It looks different strategic constituencies and their satisfaction with the downsizing measures introduced by Al Dunlap. The paper will show, that Sunbeam's top management failed to satisfy internal and external demands and to follow a consistent and socially responsible management practice. Moreover, stakeholders

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6309 words - 25 pages caused from the layoffs and frequently encounterincreased stress from heightened workloads. As a result, organizations may experienceincreasing tardiness, absenteeism and turnover among their remaining employees. (Appelbaum,Downsizing 13S.H. 2000).UnfairnessDoubts arise about the wisdom of the layoff choices made by the managers, as well as thecompetence with which management has guided the organization.Most organizations downsize for the first time