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For this assignment I am going to write a report which describes and evaluates my leadership and management style and I will relate these to relevant theory. To allow me to do this I will be researching the Leadership styles and the different theories of leadership.

Leadership styles
The leadership styles I researched were the three main types: autocratic, democratic, laissez-faire.
Psychologist Kurt Lewin developed his leadership styles framework in the 1930’s. By reading about his leadership styles. Mind tools (2014) I have learned that an Autocratic leader will make decisions without consulting their team and would display a sense of control by defining the means of how to achieve targets. Democratic leaders will include their team members in decision making and gather a vote before making a final decision. The laissez-faire approach gives independence and choice to team members but would rarely contribute to the methods of output unless support and advice is requested. I would assume that by being an Autocratic leader their team members would feel undervalued, that their opinions and ideas are not needed. Team member working under an autocratic leader would lack confidence and find it more difficult to progress and make changes throughout their working career. If you were a Democratic leader your team would feel very included in the day to day running of the workplace and would feel confident to make suggestions of change, you would encourage creative thinking and team members would have a high job satisfaction. Working under a Laissez-faire leader the team would feel trusted to make decisions and complete tasks independently without consulting others or gaining approval. Whist this form of leadership would lead to high job satisfaction and a sense of achievement for more experienced or confident staff, although this approach could be damaging to less confident staff or staff who lack the knowledge or motivation to complete tasks independently, effectively and within the given time set. Although Laissez-faire leaders do offer support and guidance when asked, it can be very demoralising for a team member to constantly have to ask for help when other staff members seem to be able to do the tasks. I wrote about a situation like this in my reflective diary dated 24th February 2014
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