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How many times have you heard a student ask when he or she will use the learned information from school in the real world? When will I ever use cursive again? Why do I have to memorize the entire periodic table? Why must I memorize the years served by every single president? These questions may sound redundant and obnoxious, but they occur on an everyday basis at school. There is also some truth behind it as well. The public school systems are having students decide their career pathways earlier and earlier every year. I recall taking career finder tests in middle school, at the mere age of 13. If students are being forced into choosing their future, then why aren’t students allowed to chose their present: their classes. Students should be able to pick their desired schedule, without worrying about mandatory classes. Schools must support individuality pertaining to this topic because students are not all on the same level, are not all good at the same subjects, and some mandatory classes don’t prepare a set group of these individuals for their future.
The first issue relating to mandatory classes would be that kids are not all on the same educational level. Students do not make the same grades nor do they understand things in the same amount of time. When students are put into the same classes, students either find themselves bored or failing. Mandatory classes try to set a standard goal, or medium for all the students. However, this is never successful. Students should never be looked at as being a class, but rather individual students. Source C displays a test booklet for kindergarteners, with a form number, answer choices, a timer, and pencils (Source C). This exhibits that at the beginning of students’ lives, they are being forced to conform as a whole. Kids at this young of an age should not have to worry about standardized testing, or have to fret about time concerns. Kindergarteners should be playing and having fun while they can. They should be living their lives and figuring out who they want to be in the world, not taking tests.
Not only are kids not on the same levels, but also they are not all good at the same things either. Students are required to take a certain number of classes in every genre or type of class: social studies, math, fine arts, science, language, literature, and so on. The truth is that students are not strong in all of these categories. Everyone has his or her strengths and weaknesses, and they should be allowed to thrive and grow in the strengths. Yes, students should attempt to improve in their weaknesses, but there is a limit to this. For example, if a student isn’t vigorous in math they should try to practice more and get help outside of the class. However, if this student fails after...

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