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Why is it that Jesus is described in many different ways, in the books of the Bible? For example if the four canonical gospels are taken into consideration, it can be seen that Jesus is described and talked about differently in each one. If the other books of the Bible are also read, it can be seen that there is much difference in them also excluding the canonical gospels. I will be comparing the gospel of Mark and the book of Revelation, in how they portray Jesus. It seems that while one is focused more on miracles and Jesus’s human life, the Book of Revelation seems to be more focused on his divinity and his purpose.
The gospel of Mark is very focused on the life of Jesus; especially the years in which he was he was active in his discipleship. Mark was very focused on the deeds and the miracles that Jesus preformed during his lifetime, since he believed that they were what really showed who Jesus was. “Mark was concerned not with the character of Jesus as such, but with his status, with what his words and his deeds reveal about who he is” (Burkett p.15). It does not take long when reading the gospel of Mark to encounter the first miracle that Jesus does. Most of the Gospel itself is dedicated to the miracles that he performed.
In the gospel of Mark there is a great emphasis on the mysteriousness surrounding Jesus. Jesus according to Mark was very keen about keeping his identity a secret. There is a point in the gospel where Jesus cures a deaf man. The strange aspect of this is that he told the man to tell no one about what Jesus had done for him as it is stated in Mark 7. “Whoever reads the gospel is instantly struck by the aura of secrecy that surrounds the person and activity of the Markan Jesus: e.g., his puzzling commands to silence” (Burket p.26). Even though secrecy is a very prominent theme throughout the gospel, Jesus true identity is reveled however after he was crucified.
One of Marks themes is secrecy; however it is not one in the book of Revelation, in this book it states that Jesus will declare his true identity for everyone to know. “From the start of the book, Christ shares divine titles. He declares himself to be the Alpha and the Omega, and the beginning and the end (22:13), both self - designations used by the Lord God (1:8; 21:6)” (Burket...

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