Marketing Strategy Of Samsung Mobile Phone.

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The global communications industry has been changing during the past few years, and quite dramatically. Wireless communication, as a result, proves to be a hot area for telecom suppliers. Accordingly, the demand for handset products, from businesses to consumers continues to rise. The question is how handset manufacturers have fit their global marketing strategies to win widespread acceptance as competition intensifies. Thus, this analysis highlights Samsung's recent success as a very typical case in point to the above question. In more focus, the purpose of this analysis is to examine:- Samsung handsets' approach to product, pricing, distribution andpromotion.- Samsung handsets' future prospects in the context of theincreasing competition.- Samsung handsets' practices in Vietnam.TABLE OF CONTENTSCHAPTER 1 - THEORY OF GLOBAL MARKETING MIX1.1. Product decisions--------------------------------------------------51.2. Pricing decisions---------------------------------------------------81.3. Distribution channels---------------------------------------------101.4. Promotion tools---------------------------------------------------14CHAPTER 2 - ANALYSIS OF SAMSUNG HANDSETS'GLOBAL MARKETING STRATEGY2.1. Introduction to the company and its handset products--------172.1.1. Corporate overview------------------------------------------------172.1.2. Why study Samsung handsets?----------------------------------- Global handset market's situation---------------------------- Samsung's changing position in the globalmarketplace---------------------------------------------------212.2. Samsung's major competitors-----------------------------------252.2.1. Nokia - Best of the rest------------------------------------252.2.2. Motorola - Recent decline-------------------------------------272.2.3. Ericsson - Another year loser--------------------------------292.2.4. Siemens - Popularity in Europe------------------------------302.3. Samsung handsets' global marketing strategy-----------------312.3.1. The effect of new categories of functionality and style----------312.3.2. Positioning its handsets as expensive phoneswith high quality---------------------------------------------------352.3.3. Availability of Samsung in the global markets-------------------382.3.4. Agrressive advertising strategy"Holistic Brand Campaign"----------------------------------------41CHAPTER 3 - EVALUATION AND RECOMMENDATION3.1. Samsung practices in Vietnam--------------------------------------433.2. Will Samsung maintain and increase the success in its bid totighten the gap with Nokia and Motorola?--------------------------44CONCLUSION-------------------------------------------------------------49REFERENCE --------------------------------------------------------------50CHAPTER 1THEORY OF GLOBAL MARKETING MIXGlobal marketing is becoming an important key term for the current marketplace. There are many different definitions of global marketing. Consider the following definition...

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