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The master status is “…a status that has special importance for social identity, often shaping a person’s entire life” (Macionis, 2013, p. 97). The master status that I most identify with as having the biggest impact in my social identity is always being physically connected with my future wife Kaisha as allowed by society either by holding hands, or other innocent ways of physically being together, and the title of this particular description of a master status is, “one who is a part of that couple that never lets go” (as labeled by others). There are many role sets that are attached to my master status such as playing the loving partner role, future husband role, caring friend role, and protective partner role. Role sets are “...a number of roles that are attached to a single status” (Macionis, 2013, p. 98). I was not born into the decision of finding a partner who I would never let go of (to the best of my abilities) so this is an achieved status because Kaisha and I made a personal choice to do this because of the overwhelming feeling for us to be unified and to be as close as can be.
Kaisha and I wanted to express our unity in this sort of way because we felt inspired by God to because of how attached Christ was to the church and how marriage should be like Christ (the husband) is with the church (the wife). By no means do Kaisha and I take on the privileges of marriage early on, but we do see each other as married by faith (meaning in the future and something that we hope for, but we don’t have marriage over us in the present time). I wouldn’t ever dare say that to be married and have children involves never physically letting go or always at least being in the same vicinity as one’s partner, but it certainly does feel great to Kaisha and I to be able to achieve this daily. When Kaisha and I are apart from each other it’s like we are individuals that have nothing to do with each other, and we don’t like to see it that way because our mindset is for the future and what it means to be one flesh. My take on being one flesh biblically is that we are one in mind, body, soul, and spirit; moreover, we are a complete unit for God with God being the center of our heart. I see Kaisha as an individual rib of my body and me being the individual rest of the body just because this analogy comes from Adam and Eve where Eve was pulled out of Adam from Adam’s rib. When God pulled Eve out, that one person (Adam) became two people Adam and Eve and then later became one again as stated in the bible due to marriage. I also envision this analogy in the future and by faith because this privilege is only granted to those who are married to be one. Sometimes it is hard to fulfill all of those roles mentioned above because life can be frustrating sometimes, and I can’t always play the loving, protective, caring, friendly, future husband type roles with Kaisha. I fail due to these frustrations accumulating and me not letting go of them in the first...

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