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As Mark Twain once explained, “A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.” This sentiment was not one that I was not very familiar with before I went to boot camp. Like any young testosterone fueled eighteen year old male, I believed that, with some preparation, my, self perceived, athletic ability and wits would propel me to triumph over the challenges presented by boot camp .After all, I had never really experienced any kind of significant failure in my life: my football team won the league championship year after year, I passed all of my classes, I had lots of friends, and I had a happy home with two working parent’s life was good, it seemed everything was an immediate success. That is until I arrived at boot camp, where epic failure appeared to be the only means of success I was able to achieve. But, over time I learned my failures were not negative, they were, in fact, an invaluable step in the learning process that provided me with the necessary skills need to succeed.
Since I believed so ardently that preparation was the key to my success after I enlisted into the Coast Guard I decided to make the most of my time and prepare as best I could both mentally and physically. I relentlessly worked out running what seemed to be never-ending miles on the treadmill, swimming lap after lap in the pool, and lifting weights until my arms and legs reached complete and total muscle failure ̶ to the point where standing under my own body weight was a grueling challenge. I even reached out to anyone, and everyone whom I knew had previous military experience, and grilled them for insight into their experiences at boot camp. Hoping I would find some secret formula that would assist my progress through boot camp with as little stress possible. I also logged onto the Coast Guards web site and reviewed every last publication having anything to do with boot camp: welcome aboard information, recommended supplies to bring, testimonies from cadets who had already graduated boot camp. If it had the word boot camp within its paragraphs, I read it. I was so desperate to succeed; I tried to visualize myself at boot camp being yelled at by some giant of a man who had probably never heard a joke in his entire life that made him laugh.
Finally the time came; I got on the bus which was enroot to boot camp full of confidence and self-belief that is until the bus stopped, and we exited. The company commanders’ initial blitz of fury and rage, as they circled all of us like a group of starving buzzards waiting until one of us died, so they could eat our face, pretty much caught me off guard. I was so extremely disoriented that it seemed as if all the neurons in my brain decided they would go on a...

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