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It’s Not Just Girls Play

For century’s we have heard the term mean girls, and for most of us we have crossed paths with these types of girls in some form or fashion. Unfortunately the phrase mean girls “Bullies” has dramatically changed from the most popular girls on campus the girls determine whether your liked or an out cast, has transformed into violent relentless take no prisoner’s type of evil. Girls have new advanced methods of getting at their prey 24/7 via text messaging, Facebook, twitters which all can be accomplished on their cell phones, you know those devices we give are children so that if they have an emergency or if we need to get ahold of them we can. Because of these technologies we have made it easy for these girls to claim their doing no wrong, often they use others girls to inflict their pain also their violence does not include physical infliction. Undeniably this fact is not true. And sadly teachers, school official’s including the bully’s parents have the same nonchalant thought process, claiming this is normal behavior “girls will be girls” they will grow out of it and the one who is being tormented needs to toughen up, but surely if the shoe where on the other foot parents would be saying the complete opposite. Because the intimidators have an overwhelmingly high popularity among other students because of great beauty, strong status in athletic ability and often a result of fear of being targeted by these girl the offences they make on victim go unseen. There have been so many reports of girls that have been bullied by these so-called mean girls that the victims tragically end their life. Bullying among girls has become a very serious problem,
“We need to stop saying this is just a phase” and put a motivating punishment in place to stop these acts of terror bullies cause, the humiliation, and violence that often leads our kids to commit suicide.

“Yes” there is a phase that all girls go through where they are faced with so many changes in their life but that does not give them the right to lash out at other by humiliating them. No one said you must be friends with everyone but just because you don’t like that person does not gives you no right to hurt people. For examples girls love to share secrets with their girl friends, its something that seems to be coded in our DNA, sharing their deepest darkest secrets and fears believing they will be friend forever. “Wham” out of now where ever thing they believed as scarred between the two of they was now public knowledge. Tragically it appears that the more damage these rumors cause it ignites the bully’s desire to inflict more pain. Another way they will attack is by pointing and laughing at their prey with other students, also spreading tetras lies about them, sadly onlookers just walk away without saying a word to help the girl or to stop the bullies. So often when these girls cry out for help from...

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