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GP plays an important role in providing primary health care to the patients. It dwells around the society’s health ethics in the practice and also the legislation that become the framework of the practice.
Health and society
Looking at Anne’s case in the lifespan perspective, she and her children has a low life expectancy. Lifespan perspective is the period from conception to death. It varies between people and is boosted by medical acknowledgement and health. Health and life expectancy are directly proportional. Anne and her children might face a low life expectancy due to certain factors and these can be addressed as the social determinants that has cause a decrease health and their well being. One of the factors are most probably is their living condition. They are currently living in local authority housing estate. These houses are entitled for people with low incomes and cannot afford to own a house. (, 2014). In this housing area it is easy for them to get access to unhealthy food and to add to that the cost of healthy food might not be affordable for her. Besides that, the housing area might not have a suitable place for outdoor exercise and the gym is not accessible to them due to their financial circumstances. This could possibly be the reason why Anne hasn’t taken any of the advices given. Living in such condition, what worsen the matter is that Anne does not move far from the deprived area in the inner city where she was brought up. Anne does not enlarge her community network and still mingle around the same social community. The people living around her are experiencing more or less the same problem as she does, thus she cannot solely rely on them to provide her the support system. She is a single parent and prone to social exclusion and this will induced more burdens on her when she cannot find a strong support. Mental health are strongly associated to the physical health thus if Anne cannot escape from this stress her health condition might worsen. As Anne faced a hard socio-economic background, this might led her to being lack in education and further cause the negligence in her children and her health. She has neglecting the advice given and didn’t turn up for her medical tests. Lack in education might contribute to the person’s lifestyle. Anne’s current lifestyle; smoking, not eating healthily and not exercising-apart from the reason said above- is likely because of lack in education on living healthily.
Life expectancy as mention above can be divided into 8 periods but the most important period is the childhood time. Anne’s children are 13 and 11 years old and in their spurt of growth. Being obese will affect them physically and mentally. It is found that obese child is likely to experience obese adulthood. Physical effect of childhood obesity can be divided into immediate and long term effect. One of the immediate effects is that her children might face an elevation in blood glucose level and might...

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