Meningitis B Vaccine And Congressman's Possession Of Cocaine Spark Interest

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On the Google News website USA Today released an article written by Oren Fliegelman and Mary Beth Marklien entitled "Princeton U. to Give Students Meningitis B Vaccine." Princeton University has been in the process of making the meningitis B vaccine available to students and staff members. Princeton has began this process after a meningitis out break, which infected six students and campus visitors. The first of the out breaks occurred in march. According to an e-mail sent out by campus officials, the vaccine should be available in December for the first dose, and the second dose available in February. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is strongly encouraging all Princeton students, undergraduate and graduate, living in campus housing to receive a vaccine that protects against meningitis B. Also, University employees are urged to receive the vaccine, especially if they have sickle cell disease of other medical conditions that may make them more susceptible to the disease. Meningococcal, more commonly know as meningitis, is fairly rare. Meningitis can be spread through kissing, coughing, sharing drinking glasses, and related actions. Physician James Turner states, "Seven cases is a big deal. If my child was at Princeton, I'd tell him to get vaccinated. I'd take it very seriously." According to freshman Phillip Powers, people are worried, but are not taking precautions. Freshman Warren Bein, who expects to get the vaccine states "It's better to be safe than sorry."
Meningitis is the inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. It potentially life threatening because of its location in the brain and spinal cord. Even though the disease is rare, I would take any and all precautions to protect myself form it. Since meningitis is spread through kissing, coughing, sharing drinking glasses, and related actions, I would assume that it is easily contagious. If I were a student at Princeton I would not hesitate to receive a vaccine. Most people believe they will not catch the disease so they do not take precautions, which I think is a mistake that can be easily evaded. I am in agreement with freshman Warren Bein: "It is better to be safe than...

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