Mental Health Panopticon Essay

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Prisons act as a total institution where inmates are put on a strict schedule and fall under one of the most gruesome forms of social control. Because of this, many inmates rebel resulting in prisons having to increase security and impose stricter punishments. As a result of this, less effort has been put into helping mentally ill inmates. The term panopticon, coined by Bentham illustrates the concept that the prison design would allow guards to see into cells but not allowing prisoners to see out. Thus, this would allow guards to have omniscient power over the inmates. Fortunately, this never worked as a prison, however prison has created a type of mental health panopticon. This allows for mentally ill parents to feel like they are always being observed; similarly to that of an experiment. Despite prisons best attempt to equally serve all inmates to the best of their ability, prioritizing security and punishment has lead to a mental health panopticon. As a result, prisons environments have exacerbated negative behaviours, created an inhumane environment for prisoners and lack the means to aid in mental health.
First, the prison system exacerbates negative behaviour such as drug use, self-harming behaviour and suicidal thoughts and actions. One of the most significant ways that the prison community worsens drug use, self-harming behaviour and suicidal thought is providing minimal amount of harm reduction. Accordingly, Lines makes note that higher instance of HIV/HVD and other transmitted disease are a cause on mental health issues within prison, this harm reduction measures would improve the overall health of individuals in prison (Lines at Al. 2005). Thus, the prion systems all intersects: much like society, the happier the individuals are, the easier society will run. Unfortunately, the prison system leads to the demise of numerous individuals due to the lack of “good “services they offer. Many individuals who engage in self-harming behaviour will find a way to do so, regardless if they are in isolation or not. Thus, confining them to segregation will only worsen their condition. In the case of Ashley Smith, we see her condition worsen over the time she spends in segregation and her mother’s notes that she looked like an aged women (“Out of Control, 2010). The conditions Smith was living in were poor with little mind stimulation activity, small amount of “finger food” and no contact (Sapers, 2008). Enduring these conditions for extended lengths of time would make anyone insane. Moreover, suicidal thoughts and actions are made worse in prison because they are not taken seriously. Many guards deem these as attention seeking actions, which have no further meaning. Overall, the prison system poorly responds to these instances for a variety of reasons. Prison guards are not sufficiently trained to deal with the array of situations they encounter on a daily basis. Mentally ill inmates would benefit from guards who were able to be empathic...

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