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Summertime is near and it time to start planning your vacation. I have vacationed to a lot of places so I have my favorites. New York is great, and so is Los Angeles, but if you are looking for a place with a peaceful atmosphere, amazing climate and a diverse atmosphere Miami, Florida is the place you want to go!! It does not matter if you are planning a romantic trip with your significant other or family get away Miami can accommodate all your need. There are several reasons why you choose Miami as your summer vacation spot but I only need to discuss three major point to help you make your choose and they are awesome weather, the breathtaking beaches and the range of entertainment and activities you can partake in all day and night!
Miami weather is generally comfortable this time of year, with very little rain and temperatures averaging in the seventies. In the summer, visitors can expect temperatures in the nineties as well as fairly high humidity. Typically, the city experiences the most rain in August. Miami has a subtropical savanna climate because of its low latitude. There are two seasons in Miami, a warm and dry season from and a hot and wet season. The summer months of June-September will see most daytime highs in the upper eighties with lows in the low to mid seventies with high humidity. The coolest winter months from December until March have highs in the higher seventies and lows near sixty, with sunny and dry weather with often very low humidity. Miami has a subtropical savanna climate because of its low latitude. At times winter can be very dry with water limits and cold snaps. Miami has the warmest ocean surf after in the United States, besides Hawaii, reaching eight-five degrees in summer and seventy-five degrees in winter.
Certainly, if you are in Miami, you'll want to spend a lot of time on the beach. Miami is has over 30 miles of beaches and all of them have their unique characteristics. The beaches in Miami each have their own character and they are the most attractive part of the city. The top rated beaches are South Beach, Crandon Park Beach, Matheson Hammock Park Beach and Haulover Beach.
The South Beach section of Miami is huge and is an extraordinary vacation experience. South Beach, also known as Lummus Park Beach, is very popular for its non-stop...

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