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Across the nation, there are laboratories filled with caged animals awaiting torture. In these laboratories, animals are being used as test subjects where they are put through agonizing pain and even killed, all in the name of science. It is estimated that between fifty and one-hundred million animals are used each year for testing, and it is commonplace that the animals are killed once the experimentation is finished (Driscoll and Finley). Although Homo sapiens are capable of a much more complex thought and emotion than nonhuman animals, it does not give humans the right to exploit them. The unethical medical and cosmetic experimentation on animals should be ceased, due to the intentional and unnecessary killing of, and the cruel and inhumane treatment of animal test subjects.
Animals in laboratories that are used for medical research are subjected to extremely painful and damaging experiments. The cruelest form of experimentation on the animals is vivisection. Vivisection is the cutting into, or dissection, of a live animal. Vivisection is also sometimes used to describe other invasive experiments performed on live animals (Driscoll and Finley). These live experimental surgeries are highly unethical due to the risk of permanent damage or death, and the animal test subjects’ inability to consent to the painful procedures.
Several other types of cruel experiments are performed upon animals, many of which would be considered torture if the subjects were human. There are accounts of experiments performed on baboons and other monkeys where the helpless animals were restrained to a table and struck repeatedly in the head with equipment in order to research the effects of whiplash on humans (Wright and Hoagland). Many of the test subjects died, and the few that lived suffered from permanent brain damage (Overell 6). A common test used in animal experimentation is the LD50 Test, which is a test used to measure toxicity that is performed until at least half of the animal test subjects are dead (Driscoll and Finley). If animals were to have rights similar to that of humans, such acts could very well be considered genocide.
Although experimentation has aided in developing some medicines and basic research, there are a significant number of cases where products that were tested on animals have been proven ineffective and even harmful when used on humans. While animal experimentation has been used for a long period of time, there is no proof that animal experimentation for medical research is any more effective than any other mode of experimentation ("Problems with Animal Research"). Animal research is actually ineffective, due to the fact that the biology of animals differs so greatly from humans ("Problems with Animal Research"). Animal studies are so inaccurate, that nine out of ten drugs that show to be effective on animals end up failing when used in clinical trials on humans ("Problems with Animal Research"). Numerous drugs developed through animal...

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