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Currently there is a tumultuous situation happening in Syria between President Bashar al-Assad regime and the Syrians citizens who are both on the verge of a civil war. As result of the conflict in Syria, President Obama, focus on maintaining order within international system which positively contribute to the United Stated domestic security. President Obama has been deliberating with cabinets members on how to approach Syria. The difficultly of the issue for President Obama on conflict Syria is deciding whether for the U.S. to intervening in bringing “order” within the tense situation on the grounds of Syria or allowing the order to come about itself between Syria President Bashar ...view middle of the document...

Hobbes writes about “the foundation” in the following, “to seek peace when it can be had……..it is first law, because the rest are derived from it.” In addition obtaining this peace is during the time of which Hobbes classifieds as a “state of nature”, dismantle of civil society which leads to a massive war between states that are equal. Although conflict in Syria does not fully mirror “the state of nature” due to the inequality of government having more resources such as assault weapons, assault vehicles, and deadly chemical weapons then Syrian rebel citizens; yet the conflict in Syria is still a domestic war issue that can be put in the category of “the state of nature” given the amount of violence that happening Syria soil. Hobbes would advice President Obama to favor this first natural law of “peace” given that it establishes self-preservation which is the most important thing of national security. In addition Hobbes have stated in text that “all the duties of sovereigns are implicit in this one phrase: the safety of the people is the supreme law.” As result of the U.S. being a sovereign power, Hobbes would advice President Obama to intervene in Syria in trying to make peace between two opposing sides given that the conflict in region have negative effects on the security both international and domestically for United States citizens. The conflict in Syria can affect U.S. international security since the Country prime country next Middle East powers. One Middle East power that Syria is next to is Iraq, where United States recently ended a war, and has troops and civilians still working there. If the conflict in Syria were to spillover to border of Iraq Americans troops and civilians could be harm which impacts their self preservation, main component for Hobbes crucial to all human beings.
Given the obligation that sovereign powers have to their commonwealth security Hobbes writes that sovereign powers have the authority to get opposing groups, that are in “state of nature” to come to agreement. The agreement is established by the opposing groups giving up their rights and constructing new rights under the agreement in which the sovereign make sure that both groups maintain the agreement for sake of peace and self preservation of the commonwealth. In addition, the following conveys the duty that sovereign has to establishes the agreement; “Sovereign power….established by the force of the agreements into which individual subjects or citizens mutually enter one with...

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