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Growing up the son of a U.S. Military service member, life has always been an ever-changing platform on which I am desperately trying to keep a footing. In seventeen years, I have moved six times, attended four different schools, and lost contact with more friends than I can count. Although the shifting atmosphere of my childhood has created a great deal of stress and the question "Where are you from?" has never been simple to answer, the vibrant colors of my changing youth have given me a perspective on the world that few are exposed to at my age.
My first real memories are from La Monte, a rural town in central Missouri, walled in on all sides by cornfields with a bank, school, and city ...view middle of the document...

In class, I was quick to dissect the frogs of those unwilling to do so, and my doctor's visits often turned into interrogations until he knew to expect questions such as "Why do we produce snot?" and "Why are blood vials rotated?"(on a centrifuge). Upon my completion of middle school my dad again received orders, this time for a non-deployable job at the NATO Headquarters in Belgium.
Beginning high school, I found myself in the heart of Europe. Although in a small school of barely one hundred and fifty, I was far from confined. In my time here, I admired the cliffs of Cinque Terre, Italy, swam the Canary Islands in Spain, hiked the Black Forest in Germany, skied down the Alps in Austria, climbed the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, walked the shores of Ireland, and explored nearly every inch of Brussels, Belgium. My exposure to big cities, beautiful rural countryside, and thousands of people of a hundred different nationalities gave me a perspective I never could have dreamed of in rural Missouri. Now used to moving, I was also quicker to make friends. In high school I relished the opportunity to take more advanced courses, such as Chemistry and...

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