Misconceptions About Phisique Portrayed By The Media

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In society today the media misrepresents a lot of things giving people the wrong impression and false beliefs that something is what it isn’t or gives them the belief that they might be able to achieve something that is not very likely to be achieved. Media today is all about making money and trying to persuade people to consume as much as they can. The paper that you are about to read focuses on how the media incorrectly portrays weight lifting and working out in the gym in general. They show misleading photos and advertisement that could give a person the false impression that working out is easy and idea of the perfect body is only a couple pushups away. And also gender stereotype weightlifting makes females seem weaker and inferior to men in the weight room. After reading this paper there should be a better understanding of how the media incorrectly portrays these ideas.
First I’m going to focus on how the media destroys people motivation by displaying misleading photos in their advertisements. Most gyms, workout facilities, and athletic wear clothing get models that are very physically fit to advertise their company in their commercials which is understandable because you do want the best to advertise your product. But when using people that look like they have been in the gym working out for over ten years, it can be very discouraging to the person that is just trying to start working out. And even more discouraging most gyms will use models that use supplements that help improve their body size and strength. These photos give people the false impression that if they work out hard enough they can achieve the results as the photos they are forced to stare at every day. What a lot of people fail to realize is a lot of times the perfect body is not real and to most people it unachievable. All bodies have flaws and most people that go to the gym just workout to maintain and to keep their selves physically appealing, unless you play a sport, are power lifters, or preparing for an upcoming event that requires you to be extremely physically fit
Another False impression that the media gives working out is that it is fun. Working out can be enjoyable if you enjoy lifting and the results from lifting, but working is not what most people would consider “a fun smiling activity”. Working out is at most times painful and exhausting, When you‘re lifting or exercising, you are exerting a lot of energy and tearing your muscles. Most people see pictures of people lifting with a smile on the face or people generally happy while lifting and get the false impression e that it’s going to be a walk in the park when they begin lifting. When in fact that it will be the exact opposite and be more similar to a struggle especially when you just begin. When beginning lifting your muscles are not used to all the wear and tear so your muscles are going to hurt and you are going to be sorer than ever. Your body is going to hate you in the beginning and most of the days...

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