Modernization And Civilizational Clash Essay

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Theoretical perspectives help us study the underlying questions we have about society. Each perspective concentrates on diverse characteristics of society. These aspects are analyzed on different levels to develop theories. When it comes to comparative criminal justice, the focus perspective is the comparability and connectivity of criminal justice systems. The world’s criminal justice system contains four theoretical perspectives: modernization, civilization, world-system, and globalization theory. Although there are four perspectives that signify the world’s system, I will only be comparing the theories of modernization and civilizational clash and their nature.
Modernization is defined as the conversion from the former civilizations in society to contemporary society; as it is establish today in the West. It models a perspective of economic, social, and cultural progress that enlightens the global disparity in terms of modifying levels of scientific improvement between societies. By presenting modern approaches in underdeveloped countries, societies will be knowledgeable of solidifications in their economies. This dominant theory refers to a variety of believers of Karl Marx’s perspectives that encourage the explanation of improvement or underdevelopment of countries. Everyone isn’t a fan of Karl Marx’s perspective. The mutual features between Max Weber and Emile Durkheim also interpret the developmental illustration of this theory. Development implies the bridging of these gaps by an imitative process, occurring in stages, such that traditional sectors and/or countries gradually assume the qualities of the 'modern' western. Max Weber observed that with modern civilization the societies would only profit from rationality. The title of Durkheim’s book, Division of Labor in Society, basically summarizes how he views modernization. Durkheim’s believes that with modernization will be the creation of a growing division of labor. He expects the flop of modern social unions in modernization might lead to anomie. Elevation in anomie will eventually cause a growth in crime rates. The theory is in fact a...

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