Money, Paying For The American Dream

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Money, paying for the American Dream
Why is this little piece of paper necessary for life today? Why must it be greedy or even sinful? Money of course is what the topic is. People will try and say that money is not essential for life in todays world but I am sure they have never gone completely broke, without even a penny to their name. Money is now an unsaid part of the American Dream.
Furthermore Mammon and the archer shows us to really what extent this goes. Love, the readings focus but really the love behind the madness is Money. Money payed for the traffic jam, the freeze in time for the boy and woman to talk. Old money, new money, it no longer matters its still the thirst and need for this green blood running through peoples veins. Money is said to not be everything in this story but it proves quite the opposite. Money turns the people into lovers, not love itself. ”I had to go a little above the estimate. I got the express wagons and cabs mostly for $5; but the trucks and two-horse teams mostly raised me to $10. The motormen wanted $10, and some of the loaded teams $20. The cops struck me hardest — $50 I paid two, and the rest $20 and $25.” The ring was not the reason for the young mans luck, the money was.
Yet again example after example is presented in Nickel and Dimed. A semi-rich woman will perform a study to retire her assets and learn what its like to go from queen of her own caste to working for her life. As she experienced being rich is a lot easier than when she has to work for every single dime that she can just to pay the bills and barely get by. “the bathroom being too small for both a person and her discarded clothes”(Ehrenreich 73). This is what not enough money buys, Uncomfortable surroundings. This helps further the interwovenness of money into the American Dream.
Lastly in...

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