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Muscular Strength Assessment
Catching and throwing in the game of basketball are two very essential skills. The handgrip strength of a player plays an important part of the ability to maneuver both of those skills. Thus, a muscular strength test will be administered to the members of the high school basketball team in an effort to determine their handgrip strength. This measurement will be conducted in the varsity high school gymnasium. The team will consist of 18 junior and senior athletes ranging from 17 – 18 years of age.
For this study, the test to be used is going to measure handgrip strength in basketball players. According to Ahmed (2013), “Handgrip strength is ...view middle of the document...

While performing the test, the player will need to make sure all other bodily movements are avoided. The results of the grip strength test will be recorded in kilograms. The same procedure will be performed with the opposite hand. The test will be repeated two more times with each hand. Finally, add the highest recording from the left hand and the highest recording for the right hand together and compare their sum to the norms for this test (Kaminsky 2014).
An important safety measure in the test would be to make sure the athlete stops the test and reports the incident if any pain occurs. Pain, while doing the test, could be a sign of overextension of the hand or forearm. Students’ results and norms for the test will also be kept private between the instructor and the student.
Risks and Benefits
A risk of the handgrip test is performing the test incorrectly which could result in an injury to the player. Additionally, if the player holds his breath while performing the test it could result in dizziness or fainting. However, a benefit of this test, if done correctly, would be an accurate measure of the player’s handgrip strength. Another benefit of...

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