Mute, Motionless And Beautiful Essay

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Gunda, Divya's four year old son was playing in the living room happily. He looked at his mother again and again. She looked different like she was getting ready to go out. He liked going out not just with her but anybody per se. Sometimes he would just cry in a high pitch tone until the concerned person would agree. Of course there won't be any tears. Everybody knew he would just throw dry tantrums. When he was angry, he would bite everyone around him and smash things. When he was in a happy mood, he was like a sweet boy. Give him whatever he would want, then he would kiss you all the time.

He was playing with his toys until Divya put on her shoes. Then he ran and chained her right leg with cute little hands.

``Mom, I want to come with you.''

``I am not going anywhere.''

``You are lying. Then why are you looking so pretty? Why are you wearing this saree. I know this saree is for special occasion.''

Divya told him the truth that she was getting ready to see the doctor. she was 8 months pregnant. She wanted to take him with her. But she did not know how long it would take. Sometimes it would take hours when hospital was filled with patients. She was afraid that he would fall asleep and it would be difficult to carry him. So she told him that if he accompanied her, then the doctor would give him injection.

``I know doctor will give you injection not me.'' He thought for a while and replied.

``Why would doctor give me injection? I am a big girl. Doctors give injections only to small children.'' She used her technique to stop him.

``I know. But this time, doctor will give injection to you because you have a baby girl in your belly.''

She was surprised by his answer. She had not told him that she was carrying a girl child. She considered him as a small boy for whom these differences did not matter. Now out of the blue, he appeared to her like a big grown up boy.
When she asked him about how did he know she was going to have a baby girl, he told that he overheard his grandma telling this to grandpa while he was watching TV.

Hearing this conversation, his grandma who was cooking lunch for them came over and hugged him and said, ``You little master has ears all over. By the way what do you name her?''

``Baby sister."

All of them laughed. Her father joined them without knowing why they were laughing. At last she said she would get sweets for him if he would stay home. He agreed and asked her to bring cake for him. Her husband went out to call auto rickshaw. Before she got into that, he ran outside, calling, ``Mom, mummy, wait...'' For a second she thought he was going to join her after all this persuasion as well. She made up her mind to take him.

``Will you bring me a small Ganesha?'' He said with a cute face.

``Sure. Why do you need it now? Ganesha chaturthi is far away.''

``Because I will decorate him now and when baby sister comes home, I will show him and tell her stories about him.''

Her mother was beguiled/delighted by his...

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