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How do companies launch their products to the public? Advertisement plays a part in our daily lives from rural to urban, from work to home, and it is becoming more popular in the modern economy. Companies use commercials such as billboards, leaflets, and testimonials and so forth to introduce goods or services to people and stimulate them to buy those products. Advertisement is everywhere in the media –on the television, in the magazines, on the Internet, and on the radio. Because numerous companies value advertisement around the world to brainwash consumers into buying their goods, consumers should be aware that advertisements not only have a positive, but also a negative impact on society and the economy, and how companies use Aristotle’s method—ethos, pathos, and logos in advertisements to launch their products.
Nobody denies that advertisements reduce prices of products. This will benefit companies because of the increase in sales and encourage competition against other companies. Furthermore, it will benefit consumers to pay less out of pocket. But, some companies can raise prices on products because companies need money to advertise their products. For instance, a cell phone company, T-Mobile used to have a two-year contract a couple years back and they came up with a solution to gain clients to be under their carrier and try to compete with other carriers. Now, T-Mobile has a prepaid plan from 40 dollars to 70 dollars per month, has worldwide service with no charge, customers can make a plan to pay the full price of the hottest smart phone up to two years, and can upgrade anytime. The recent T-Mobile prepaid commercial I saw was they launched 4g services around the world without any costs. Due to reduced prices on a product, consumers can save money with absolute quality at a reasonable price and companies can beat other companies by having the best affordable service on the market.
In general, advertisements increase a person’s emotions by creating a desire for the consumer to easily purchase the products while the companies know that people do not want or don’t need it. While this helps companies increase sales, the consumer is wasting money. For instance, I brought a pair of Adidas sneakers “Harlem Glc’s”, created by a celebrity, Teyana Taylor, and when I first saw the sneakers on the website, my desire was to buy the sneakers. I paid $300 dollars for the sneakers and I tried on the sneaker for the first time, I felt anxious. I wore the shoes only one time and the sneakers are in the sneaker box under my bed and I have not worn my sneakers since the first time I wore them. I’ve wasted $300 dollars because I didn’t have any outfits to match my sneakers. Another example is Apple, which is the highest priced technology company on the market. Every time Apple launch a new technology device, people tend to feel excited or anxious to get their newest device. People will stand outside, on the release date, at the Apple store for a long time...

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