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The minute hand inched achingly slow as I finished all my paper works. Ever since I’ve been the head of the accounting department of Do-bi Enterprises, loads of paper works were always stacked at my office desk. I would always be tired and stressed out whenever I drive home. But Baekhyun will always be there, waiting for me. He would welcome me home with his sweet kisses. And he would always prepare something special for dinner.
I sighed. I missed him already. I’ve been coming home earlier since the accident and calling him very often just to make sure he’s all right. I’ve been worrying about him, what with the concussions he’s still having. I knew it was his day off and he’s probably bored back home. He’d wanted to go out with Kyungsoo but heaven forbid it was Monday. I’ve always wondered why he chose Monday as his day off. He just told me hates Mondays, that’s all.
I took out my phone from my pocket and speed dialed Baekhyun’s number.
Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.
“He-hello?” He sounded out of breath. His voice trembled.
“Baekhyun? What’s wrong?” I asked anxiously, dropping the papers I was holding.
“I…Chan-” I heard a thud from the other line.
I stood up, my heart racing in my chest. “Hello? Baek? Are you there?” I waited for 3 seconds. 1. 2. 3. I could hear nothing from the other line. I cursed inwardly. I slammed my laptop shut and shoved it in my case. I grabbed all my things and burst out the door, startling Taeyon, a small girl with blonde hair, my secretary.
“Chanyeol-ssi? Is everything all right?” Taeyon asked.
“Noona,” I walked over to her. “Could you please sort out the files on my desk? I have an emergency,” I told her urgently.
“Certainly. I could also summarize them for you,” she offered.
“You don’t need to,” I told her.
“It’s okay Chanyeol. It’s my job to help you.” She smiled at me as she patted my shoulder.
“Thank you,” I said as I rushed to the elevators. I pulled out my phone again and dialed Mr. Jung, the General Manager. He answered on the second ring.
“Jung speaking.”
“Jung sunbaenim. I’d like to excuse myself from work for I have an emergency,” I told him as I punched the button for the basement garage. “Something happened back home,” I continued as I ran my hand through my hair anxiously.
“Omona.” I heard him took a sharp breath. “We’ll talk later. Go now.” I pressed the end button. Jung Yunho and I have been friends since I entered the company. I knew that he completely understood me when I said I have an emergency. I heard the ping of the elevator and immediately took off, almost bumping into my own car. I opened the door and started the engine hastily. The car roared to life and I raced to the entrance. I hit the freeway at eighty. I drummed my fingers on the steering wheel, trying to calm down. I turned right, to Gangnam District. The needle on my dial drifted toward ninety as I sped back home.
I gritted my teeth as I veered another right, narrowly missing a trash bin on the sidewalk. A couple of blocks more and...

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