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There are many factors that contribute to the existence and prevalence of human trafficking in Russia. Often, these factors are influenced by the corruption and complicity within Russian authorities. The unfortunate truth is that, that which was designed to protect the rights of citizens is more often than not a system that is broken and corrupt in many third world countries, as well as some developing countries, such as Russia and China. However, corruption within the Russian government is not the only factor contributing to the further spread of human trafficking; history plays a vital role as well. With the fall of communism and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, many citizens were left unemployed and there was a significant rise in poverty, thus creating an opportunity for human traffickers to exploit those who were desperate.
As previously stated, corruption in Russian authorities also plays a vital role in the ever increasing crime of human trafficking. In fact, “[the] Human Rights Watch reports [of] 2009 and 2013 found that migrant workers endured extortion, physical abuse, and forced menial work by police at police stations [in Russia]” (“Russia,” 2013). Reports have also implicated Russian law enforcement of facilitating human trafficking, bribery, extortion, and returning victims to their captors (“Russia,” 2013). Furthermore, in an interview conducted by Voice of America Russian Service correspondent, Fatima Tlisova, entitled, “Russia: Corruption Isn’t Only a Threat to the System-It is the System,” she spoke with Elena Panfilova, the director of the Center for Anti-Corruption Research to discuss the corruption in Russia, as well as the evident corruption that emerged during the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. Panfilova believes corruption continues to be an issue because of the existence of lower level corruption among individuals, such as teachers and doctors, which are ignored by a larger-scale corruption that includes the police and state officials. Panfilova also mentioned the lack of activity the Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, has done to fight this corruption, as well as the difficulty to acquire reports of the construction of buildings for the Olympics in Sochi. She hopes to obtain these reports and present them as hard data to prove the existence of corruption during this important historical time. Panfilova discussed how corruption affects the lower socioeconomic population more than anyone, as well as their vulnerability to being blackmailed. Furthermore she also discussed how there is a whole class of people who make their profit through extortion, thus they feel there is no need to work when they receive money without making much effort. She states that “[a] corrupt official is not eager to carry out those duties that are intended to benefit the country rather than his personal benefit” (Tlisova & Panfilova, 2014). The corrupt officials have no intention to change their ways because they profit from...

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