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Each day the United States faces countless of threats within their borders as well as outside. There are innumerable issues that occur in the world that could help foreshadow events that may occur in the near future and help policy making decisions. An effective way to help predict possible outcomes in the future is the usage of National Intelligence Estimates (NIE). NIE is defined as “authoritative written judgments on national security issues and designed to help US civilian and military leaders develop policies to protect US national security interests”#(National Intelligence Council, 2007). The NIE is the highest-level strategic document generated by U.S. intelligence agencies. How are NIE’s created?
NIE are only produced only when they are requested by “A senior executive branch official, a committee chair of the House or Senate, or a senior military official can request an NIE. An estimate can also be initiated independently by the National Intelligence Council. The request is authorized by the Director of National Intelligence”# (National Intelligence Council, 2007). NIE can be requested for further studies of a countries: economic state, military power, technological advancement, political state, any many more reasons. For example, past NIE include: July 2007 The Terrorist Threat to US, or November 2007 Iran Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities. If a current topic is worthy and grabs the attention of those people who are authorized to request NIE, then it’ll occur ,such as the 2002 Iraq's Programs of Weapons of Mass Destruction. After the request has been made, it’s sent to National Intelligence Committee. “The NIC employs thirteen National Intelligence Officers—senior experts drawn from agencies of the intelligence community and from outside the government—who, among their other responsibilities, head up the NIE writing process”#(Bruno and Otterman, 2008) The intelligence officer in charge produces a terms of reference paper (TOR). This paper expresses significant inquiries that the NIE is meant address. Questions such as: “What are Iran’s intentions toward developing nuclear weapons? What domestic factors affect Iran’s decision making on whether to develop nuclear weapons? What external factors affect Iran’s decision making on whether to develop nuclear weapons?#” (National Intelligence Council, 2007) The officer also states jobs in regards to drafting as well as an projected date of completion. Upon finishing of the TOR paper, it’s passed throughout the IC for comments and concerns. “The intelligence officer selects a lead drafter of the NIE or directs another intelligence analyst or outside expert to do so”#(Bruno and Otterman, 2008). Agencies send various representatives from their divisions to work on the NIE. They used a variety of members from 17 agencies to include:” Office of the Director of National Intelligence, The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps intelligence organizations, The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)...

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