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For over fifty years, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, has studied the outer space and how to get there. NASA was founded in 1958 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. NASA basically branched out from another administration which was called the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics, or NACA. There are different bases spread out throughout the country, but the NASA headquarters are in Washington. NASA has an administrator who handles giving speeches and informing the press on new information. The administrator of NASA is Charles F. Bolden (About NASA).The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has many purposes that have resulted in various missions that require the unique skills of astronauts.
The purpose of NASA is to help discover new knowledge about outer space and new essentials that can help the human kind. NASA can also help people with things from everyday life to things that can help us live in unknown places. They plan to take the out space flights to a whole new level. The research done in NASA also helps our nation be one of the highest ranking science nations in the world. “NASA conducts its work in four principal organizations, called mission directorates: [Aeronautics, Human Exploration and Operations, Science, and Space Technology] (About NASA).Because of the economic problems of the United States, NASA has a budget of $17.7 billion to rely on for the next couple of years(Bolden). They also have to maintain the ISS for its left over time. They now have to divide their money for their next experiments and future planned flights.

NASA has had some past mission fails, but they have redeemed themselves with what they do now and the future holds untold plans. NASA has smart people who could spot a mistake when they set their minds to it. They have to go over a new machine many times when a test flight is happening and they do not always notice. The Challenger was a past failure that happened because of a small detail unfortunately missed; the gaskets. The gaskets a sealant that was not supposed to allow what was in the tanks to cross each other and they did not fulfill the job and caused an explosion. The explosion did not kill anyone but it barely missed seven people (Goodwin). Having built the ISS was actually a good idea. It was not only a successful flight, but it brought nations together, that is the reason why it is called the International Space Station. It is used to make observations and hold experiments up in space. The ISS was very expensive when you add up to the $48 billion spent on building it. Many types of...

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