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Traditional linear, dualistic development theories allow neither for a feedback loop nor for this greater change to both parties. As a result more recent research supports the holistic idea of development as a result of emergent self organisation over progressive stages such as those advocated by Piaget (Kim M. & Sankey D., 2010, p79). Traditionally, child development is expected to occur within fairly set parameters. Even Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development limits the parameters within which a child is expected to develop (Vygotsky L. 1978, p82). Although these ‘stages’ of development are useful as a guide, it is possible that children are diagnosed with developmental issues too soon may be over medicalised if they are not seen to have met certain stages ‘in time’. By viewing development through a non linear lens it is possible to see why children may seem to be progressing slowly, differently or even backwards. By observing development holistically, where social interaction and genes influence each other it will be easier for those diagnosing developmental ‘issues’ in children to see more clearly why a child’s development may be differing.
The notion that development is a process of emergent self-organisation is further supported by the growing understanding of brain plasticity, which could only be possible if human brains develop in a non linear, dynamic fashion. The brain’s plasticity allows for changes and development throughout life, and for the brain to overcome certain levels of damage through reorganisation of the neural pathways. Although learning and the ability to make new pathways slows with age, it does not stop and it allows for the brain to change, even in adulthood, should the need arise (Mosier W., 2012, p78, Winter P., 2010, p19). However, as Mosier notes, despite this plasticity and ability to re-organise in later life there is “…no evidence that deprivation during the early years can be totally reversed in later years” (2012, p78). So, this plasticity does have limitations and it is possible for irreparable damage to occur despite the capability of the brain to re-organise. This further cements the importance of a child’s early years for sound development to occur.
During the early years of life the brain has particular sensitive periods where it needs specific stimulation in order for certain forms of development to happen within ‘normal’ parameters; the negative or lack of particular inputs can lead to atypical brain development (Mosier W., 2012, p4; Winter P., 2010, p18). Many of these sensitive periods occur within the first three years, meaning during this time the brain is more malleable than at any other point in human life (Winter P., 2010, p15). These sensitive periods wax and wane according to the formation of certain synapses and so some of these periods are longer than others. For example the sensitive period for music is longer than that of vision, but any duration of sensitive period should be...

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