Never Surrender Essay

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It’s been three months since they took me. Three months in this hole in the ground. Tonight, sleep seems to elude me. These rock walls seem to be the only friends I have here. The other prisoners have each other, but I am an outcast. I wonder what it’s like back in America. I used to hate the sound of the midnight trains passing by my house; now it’s what I long for. I pull the silver cross necklace out of the brown shirt I had been given to replace my army jacket and flipped it over and over as I stared at the ceiling. The little cross seemed to give off a little light in the darkness, and I closed my hand around it and tucked it back in my shirt. “Why me?” I asked no one. “Out of ...view middle of the document...

It took me a moment to realize that someone was working next to me. I turned to see a boy hard at work next to me. I simply turned back to my work and resumed striking the ground. “Are you Army?” he asked in broken English. I turned, slightly surprised he knew any English, and looked him over. He looked about fifteen, average height, underweight like most of the people here, and had the eyes of a hawk. I noticed he seemed to be analyzing me as carefully as I was him. “I was in the Army.” I said slowly. “What your name?” he said with a smile that caught me off guard. “Jonathan” I said without returning his smile. There was nothing to smile about. I heard a commotion and I turned to see one of the guards yelling in my direction. I had learned the phrase that meant “get back to work”, and this guy was saying it so much that could have been all he knew how to say. As I swung back to my workplace, my cross necklace came out of my shirt and landed on my chest. I quickly tucked it back in, but the boy had seen it. “What that?” he asked curiously. “A necklace.” I replied quickly and swung my pickaxe at the ground once again. “What it mean?” he pressed. I turned to answer, but a guard stepped between us and began scolding the boy in a harsh tone. “Hey, it wasn’t his fault.” I interjected and placed my hand on the guard’s shoulder. I was met by a swift elbow to the jaw and I sprawled out on the ground. I recovered quickly and sprang to my feet. The guard had turned back to the boy and I grabbed him again. He turned and shoved me back. I stepped back up to him and we met each other’s cold eyes. I barely had time to react to the left cross that was intended for my head. I ducked and instinctively sent a swift uppercut into the man’s stomach. He doubled over and I heard the shouting of more guards behind me. Before I could react, I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and I passed out.
When I awoke, my arms were being held by two guards and I was on my knees in front of the Overseer. He gave me a harsh stare and I returned the favor. My head throbbed painfully. “So, I do you a favor by not killing you three months ago, and you decide to fight my guards. Is that how it’s going to be?” he spoke in an accent, but in surprisingly fluent English. I remained silent. “There is no room in this camp for troublemakers, Mr. Williams.” He said pulling a gun out of the holster on his leg. I struggled against the arms holding me, but it was in vain. He placed the gun against my forehead and I took a deep breath. “I’m not going to kill you yet.” He said pulling the gun back. “You’re going to be an example. Tomorrow at noon, you will be executed in front of all the prisoners.” He said with a smile on his face, like he had just offered me a piece of a candy bar. Then he held up a silver necklace and I realized mine wasn’t around my neck. “Even you’re God cannot...

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