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The beach umbrella, the towels, the chairs, and then the cooler. In the backseat, I watched as my family finished packing the van with the assortment of items we had brought with us to the beach. The van was the family tank, a roaring piece of machinery that somehow seemed to make the passenger feel secure even with the alarming grumbling of the engine. The back of the van was filled and now, on this late summer day, we were taking our leave from the shore. I looked back once more at the sea where the sunset splattered colors of red and orange on the rough surface of blue and violet. Although the boardwalk was lively with smells of French fries and the cries of seagulls, I nuzzled into the ...view middle of the document...

The ground, awed at the sight, blushed the colors of the sky.The clouds that dabbled on the battlefield seemed to be confused about which side they should be on; they concealed their incompetence and tried to mimic the pigments of both day and night with little success. Nightfall finally veiled the the heavens and the moon glowed brightly with pride and the stars emerged to graduate him.
The symphony of colors mesmerized me so much that I did not realize the chill that came over me. The absence of the sun’s warmth and the air conditioning cranked up to the max gave me goose bumps. I pulled out a knitted blanket from one of the duffel bags and wrapped myself with its scratchy, but cozy wool. I was lounging in my newly discovered warmth, but I noticed that myy sister who sat next to me had fallen fast asleep and pulled some of my blanket to cover her. Although I too felt drowsy, I refused to succumb to the sleepiness and continued to watch the show.
The second act consisted of the continuation of the moon’s victory. The moon looked as if it was running through the sky giving high-fives to the branches of the black trees. The intricate branches kindly accepted, but menacing shadows crept through the window and adorned the insides of the van. The ever-changing lights acknowledged some of the innocence in the darkness such as the teddy bear won in the claw machine and the peaceful face of my sister. But what the faint light revealed also had shadows that equally concealed. The shadows of the branches and the moonlight created a frantic frolic within the car.
The show was interrupted by the heavy sound of the turn signal and we pulled into a rest stop. My parents probably assumed that my sister and I were asleep because they exited the vehicle and locked the car with a click. The neon lights from the fast food restaurants were obnoxiously intense and I buried my face into the blanket. They also produced a sharp buzzing sound that was harmonized with the dull hum of the various bugs that swarmed the lights. I sighed and looked at the brightly lit van. I noticed how everything was ridden with sand in one place or another and the salty aroma of the sea still lingered. My parents came back from the short excursion, the engine mumbled in response to the keys, and the road trip home continued.
I must have dozed off for a little bit because when I woke up a sudden...

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