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From the moment we are born, we are bound to use facial expressions, make a wide range of sounds, and use distance and gestures as a way to communicate our emotions and feelings toward certain situations, activity, and people on a daily basis. Nonverbal communication is the foundation of how we send and receive messages through visual cues and wordless interactions between people. It is a basic language we are born with and have all come to learn within the primary stages of life. It is also used in aid of telling a story, to which it may help animate a person’s character and make their story a bit more comprehensible and relatable towards the other person. Storytelling is often correlated with dance as it involves an expressive way to show how one is feeling or how music may be embodied. Dance has been around for ages and has been used to celebrate life, music, and rituals. Dance is a way of communicating without words as it promotes the unity of people, and helps build relationships through the act of movement. People are more inclined to trust each other when dancing is involved, because it allows them to open up and feel like they will not be judged for how they move when they dance together. This brings out the emotional aspect of dance because it helps them to understand each other and know that each person is being received in a positive way. Individuals may benefit from dance as it may help boost self-esteem, and could help change their attitude from a wretched to cheerful one. Subsequently, dance is a way of telling a story, a way to express emotion, and a gateway to build relationships as it deeply involves nonverbal interaction through body movement in different energy dynamics, space, and time.
There are many different types of dance or dance performances that capture emotion in various ways through Laban Efforts of Movement. These efforts include weight, which include elements of strong or light movement; space, which include elements of direct or indirect movement; and time, which include elements of being quick or sustained movement. The way we move our body can affect our change in mood, and also express the emotions we currently feel. (Levy, J., & Duke, M., p.61) As an individual who has been exposed to dance at a young age, I have attended several dance performances, as well as having been involved in a few. Some of which may include a musical, a cultural dance piece, and a few talent shows that showcase hip-hop, lyrical, and modern dance.
Growing up, I was deeply involved in dance within the community at my local church. I have been involved in dance performances that include cultural, and modern/hip-hop/freestyle dance to celebrate debutantes, and holidays such as the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, Moon Festival, and Christmas. From my experience with dance, I have learned to become more hand-eye coordinated and use different parts of my body in multiple ways. By doing so, it has improved my cognitive and social...

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