North Norfolk Coast Case Study

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GCSE Geography Controlled AssessmentAnia VinogradovQuestion: To what extend is geology the main influence on the distinctive coastal landforms at the North Norfolk Coast? North Norfolk CoastThe North Norfolk coastline (NCC) is distinctive and unique from other coasts around the UK as its landforms are mainly influenced by geological history and erosion. Geodiversity (defined as the natural range (diversity) of geological features) is fundamental to the character of the Norfolk Coast as it contributes the elements of its landforms, the uplands, valleys and coast which form its physical character. This coastal area is made-up of material from eroded cliffs and longshore drift. I have studied and researched three locations along the NNC: Wells-next-the-sea, Cley-next-the-sea and West Runton.Blackeney spit Sea when tide is inWells-next-the-seaAll sandy beach Gabions GroynesThe first location I visited was Wells-next-the-sea. This coastal area is a popular tourist attraction as it is made up of sand. This was the only beach with several coastal defence mechanisms including groynes all along the beach and gabions beneath the life guard centre. This was the only beach with beach huts and maram grass. Wells-next-the-sea gets all its material deposited from the west coasts by long shore drift however Blackeney spit has been developed from the larger material. It is now used as a defence from large rocks and pebbles to keep Wells beach sandy and more attractive for tourists.Cley-next-the-seaAll rocky beach High berm Long shore drift to the left 45®The second beach I visited and studied was Cley-next-the-sea. This coastal area was incredibly different from Wells as here there is no sand, just rocks and pebbles. The entire beach stretches for miles and this area is much more prone to wildlife. There are fishermen here and seals are often spotted. Material here is deposited by long shore drift from west runton; however the material doesn't remain here for long as long shore drift carries it on further to wells. There are also large stretches of salt marshes behind the beach which are perfect for farming land.Sea Rocky and sandy beach Salt marsh Groynes- coast defenceVegetation on cliff topEroding cliff faceWest RuntonSea Sea wall GroyneWest Runton is the only beach, out of the ones that I have researched, which has cliffs. These cliffs were the result of the ice age and the material that has...

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