Giving Up Isn’t An Option Essay

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“Your mother lied to you. That’s the truth.” I stopped drinking my coffee and realized what she just told me. It was that day as I remember clearly, the day when I realized the truth about everything. My mom, the person who does and is everything to me has been lying the entire time. But more so, how could I let myself get fooled? All the times of her telling me it was all going to be fine, it was all lies, including the time when she said the food that she ate wouldn’t affect her and that she would stop eating, was also a lie. At that point my heart was sinking, pumping faster and faster every second when the clock ticks by. I knew this would happen one day but I refused to believe it.
“How do you know? Are you certain that my mom is unwell?” I said.
“Yes, when she went to the doctors I went with her. The doctor told us that she wasn’t losing weight but gaining. The pills they gave her aren’t working either and that she isn’t improving but only getting worse.” Angelina said
I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about what could happen. She could die, at the age 45. Due to my negligence because of me. I needed time alone.
“Angelina my love, I need to go. I’m sorry I’ll call you later.” I said.
And with that I gathered my all my stuff including my jacket and suitcase and left the Long Island Cafe. I wandered out of the coffee shop feeling my legs go numb. I even said to myself. How could this happen? Like I knew she needed help but I still never did anything. It was 5:43 as I could remember. The day when I stepped out of my box and help my mom. I crossed the street from Rosedale to McCarthy going right to my apartment. God, as I could still feel the wind blowing my long hair from side to side as I firmly tried to stop it. Without a single glance I could remember my self-going through the security and up to the 14th floor. I took a drink. I then clamed my nerves down a bit I assessed the situation. My mother is a 45 years old divorcee who had no man, no job and lived off welfare due to her disability. She had no hobby or passion in life. The only thing that somehow cured all of this was food. As I thought of this it dawned upon me how bad the situation had become. 10 years ago, my mom was happy married, weighted 150 pounds and loved her life. Now she has nothing and the only thing she has was me and all I did was abandon her. All I could think of at the moment is that I need to fix this somehow.
I then went to my living room and grabbed my laptop. I immediately then researched on fast ways it lose weight. But of course, all the ways listed were pills, needle shots, and of course the “miracle food”. As being frustrated at that time, I knew these ideas wouldn’t work and I needed to resort the basics. My mom had always been a fighter and I knew that I needed to personally help her. So I called my boss to inform her I was really ill and I wouldn’t be coming in for work probably for...

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