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As we approach the holiday season an alarming new trend among top companies has surfaced. In the past few weeks articles about how Wal-Mart and McDonalds have had controversial experiences between company and employees have come out. Both companies simply do not understand what it is like for their employees to make below the “living wage”, and the answer should not be to rely solely on government programs such as food stamps. Before we actually look into what both of these companies did, let’s keep in mind that according to the US Census Bureau as of 2012, 46.5 million Americans are living in poverty (US Census Bureau, 2012). As a country, we need to discuss poverty seriously, because it ...view middle of the document...

According to the “Low Pay is Not Ok” website, a site that advocates that fast food employees such as McDonalds employees unionize and protest against their current living wage and demand for $15 an hour, states that “52% of fast-food employees’ families are forced to rely on safety net programs to make ends meet” (“Low Pay”, 2013). It is depressing to see employees treated this way, and McDonalds wasn’t the only company to have a backlash in the news this month for the way they treat their employees.
In Cleveland a Wal-Mart store was found having a food drive for their own employees (Lutz, 2013). There were several plastic bins with a sign on them that read, “Please donate food items so associates in need can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner” (Lutz, 2013). One customer, Norma Mills, sums it up perfectly when she said, “That Wal-Mart would have the audacity to ask low-wage workers to donate food to other low-wage workers-to me, it is a moral outrage” (Lutz, 2013). Indeed the concept of low-wage workers trying to provide for other low-wage workers is ridiculous especially when one takes into account that Wal-Mart made a profit of $15.7 billion in the last year (Lutz, 2013). What both of these stories point out is that these...

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