Identifying Significant Conflicts Or Power Struggles Within Your Organization

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Identify significant conflicts or power struggles within your organization. What are the issues? What are the biblical implications?
Currently, the most significant struggle at Stryker is the challenge for the integrated manufacturing team to make a profit. The primary cause of this problem is the sudden increase of operating expenses associated with The American Healthcare Act. Under the new guidelines of the American Health Care Act all medical device manufacturers are currently required to pay an excise tax. This excise tax is used to fund the new health care system. The net result is a 13% loss in profits for the integrated manufacturing team.
My recommendations for Stryker’s integrated manufacturing managerial team would be to invest heavily in innovative manufacturing technologies, upgrading facilities in the integrated manufacturing building, and educating its employees. Investments like robotic machining centers, more efficient lighting, heating, and cooling, and offering tuition reimbursement for college to employees would allow the integrated manufacturing team to continue to advance the value that they offer to their employees and customers. These improvements would lower production costs, utility costs, and attract world class employees. Moreover, these types of investments could be claimed as tax deductions, recouping the profits lost to the excise taxes.
The biblical implications concerning the payment of excise taxes can be read from Mark 12:17. Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” There is no doubt that Jesus intended for His followers to be obedient and pay taxes to the government. I believe that this implication is still relevant today. For example, there are Americans who are too poor to pay for health insurance. Consequently, the excise tax can provide hospitals with the funds needed to provide these people with basic health care services. These hospitals may even use the money from the excise tax to purchase Stryker’s products to treat their patients. The hospitals, patients, and medical device manufacturers are in an interdependent relationship.
The next immediate struggle for the integrated manufacturing employees at Stryker Instruments is to meet the assembly lines demands. This struggle originates from operating under a just in time delivery system. J.I.T. delivery is a manufacturing strategy that attempts to improve a business' profitability by reducing in-process inventory and the costs associated with extra inventory, such as the taxes that are charged to all of the inventory that Stryker instruments has in stock. The process relies on clear communication between the various points in the manufacturing and assembly processes. For J.I.T. delivery to work properly, the assembly line should relay what components are being consumed to the manufacturing work centers located in integrated manufacturing. This signals the integrated manufacturing team to...

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