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Taking the Orientation to Psychology class my first semester at Seton Hall University was probably the most beneficial part of my college experience thus far. Although I came into college confidently declared as a psychology major, I didn’t really know what this meant or entailed prior to taking this course. This course taught me valuable information about myself, about the field of psychology, and about how I can mold those two together. All that I’ve learned this semester in Orientation to Psychology helped me to form a coherent and positive understanding of who I am and how this identity fits into the world of psychology.
The very first and most basic thing I learned this semester, was how to examine my study skills. Using the given self-evaluations I was able to gain a more complete understanding of my strengths and weaknesses as a student. I found that I excel at time management. I am not one to procrastinate and I am a very effective planner. Another personal area of strength in regard to study skills is my ability take notes. I have a very effective foundation in note-taking and this has continued into my undergraduate career. Although I am confident in my abilities as a student and do feel that I have a solid set of study skills, there is always room for improvement. I’ve learned this semesters that I could improve my skills in a variety of ways. The first, and easy step for a better studying experience would be to create a defined study space. I would be able to study in a more sophisticated manner if I spent my time at a clean desk with adequate lighting rather than in bed or on the floor. As a more complicated improvement, I could use some practice and/or skill training on learning how to differentiate what is crucial and what is superfluous in lectures and texts. I often take too many notes for comprehension and struggle to decipher what is most important about what I am reading. This basic understanding of my own study skills and the areas in which I could improve helped me to realize how I should mend my studying habits in order to have a most successful and prosperous next four years in this university.
In this introductory class, I also learned about my personality type. Using the Holland Personality Type quiz I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses as a person and how they fit into my current or possible other college majors. The results of this quiz described me as investigative and social. An investigative personality fits how I self-identify. My investigative personality means that I have a passion for learning and acquiring new information through research. The other personality type which the quiz indicated fit me closely was social. I consider myself a very socially outgoing person who loves interacting with others and communicating. The combination of the two results I got from the quiz matched up with the psychology major. This raised my level of confidence that I wasn’t delusional in thinking that...

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