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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is a thrilling story about a fourteen year old boy named Ponyboy and the rest of his gang of friends, and the troubles they face throughout their lives. Living on the streets, abuse, stereotypes, and their rivaling group, the Socs, all are challenges that each of them learns to overcome. A very famous director, Francis Ford Coppola, made this book seem like his own in the movie, The Outsiders, and it is definitely a movie that is worth seeing.
A lot of scenes were left out of the movie. There was one scene in particular, though, that was included in both the book and the movie which was very significant. This was the scene in which Dally dies. During this scene Dally is running from the cops after he robbed a grocery store. He calls Darry and tells him to meet him in the lot, which the whole gang does. Only, they are too late. Dally had been carrying a “heater” or a gun, and even though it wasn’t loaded, when he pulled it out the cops shot him and he died. The book and the movie both include some of the key parts of the scene. One example was when Dally called Darry, needing him to meet him in the park, but Steve picked up the phone. In addition, Dally robbed a grocery store, and lost all control after Johnny’s death. Finally, Dallas pulled out his “heater” or a gun, and in the end he got shot by the police and died under a streetlight. The streetlight is symbolic because it represents Johnny looking over the gang and making sure that they know he is still with them, even if they can’t see him. Later in the story Ponyboy finds a note written by Johnny that says that Johnny was okay with dying and Pony finally accepted the fact that he was dead. Dally never got the chance to do that, and by understanding this it can be seen that there is a certain theme which gives the idea that if you love something you have to let it go so that better times can come. I feel that this scene was better portrayed in the actual...

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Outsiders Reflection Essay

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