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In many ways adoption is a great way to save a life. Adoption can give a child endless opportunities at a new life. These opportunities are sometimes taken away when the children are abused and neglected. Just because a child is adopted, it does not mean that the child is safe or in good hands. The government needs to monitor the support of adopted children.
According to pbs.org, in 2001 there were 1.5 million adopted children in the United States. U.S. citizens adopted almost 13,000 children from 106 different countries in 2009.
The free dictionary describes adoption as taking into one's family through legal means and raise as one's own child. There are no definitions of adoption that describe taking in a child and abusing or neglecting them. The point of adoption is to keep the child safe and give them a fair shot at life. These kids are just as valuable as children whose parents keep them.
It is unfair to give parents the impression that their children will be in good hands, when nobody is sure that they will be. Is it not enough to worry about never seeing your child again? Now people have to worry about the "safe" home they chose for their child being unsafe and unfit. My point is these children need protection. The children need more than a home visit when they first get there. What is more important, finding all the children homes or getting them to safe and loving homes?

The top priority should be to ensure loving homes for the children. There are so many incidents where the children are not in safe homes. Of course DHS does their home check ins and visits to make sure the homes are clean and safe but, who makes sure the parents will keep the children safe?
Recently, a lot of people have been talking about an Ethiopian girl named Hana Williams. Hana came to Washington in 2008 and she was adopted Carri and Lary Williams. She had a plethora of medical issues when she got to Washington. Instead of the Williams' taking care of her they abused and starved her.
On May 11th, 2011, Hana was put outside after disobeying her mother Carri. It was 42 degrees and raining. Hana had on shorts and a short sleeve shirt. When her brothers were sent outside to beat her with the hose, Hana took off all of her clothes knowing that her strict and modest mother would call the boys off. May 12th, 2011, Hana was found dead from hypothermia wrapped in a sheet.
The Williams' were charged with homocide and abuse.Hana was not an only child. She lived in a house with eight other children. Five of the children were biological and the other three were adopted. Why weren't any of them treated as if they were unwanted. Carri (mother) was said to be very modest and conservative. During the investigation of the Williams' family all of the children were interviewed. One of the children, Immanuel, said in his interview "people like Hana got spankings for lying and go into the the fires of hell."
Twelve days later...

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