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Doctor Who is a British show that features The Doctor, a Time Lord that travels through time visiting events that happened in the past and witnessing events that will happen in the future. In season 4, episode 3 of Doctor Who the Doctor and his companion, Donna, go back in time to the eve of Pompeii’s destruction in 79 A.D. in their TARDIS, Time and Relative Dimensions in Space. Once the Volcano begins to erupt Donna and the Doctor are the only ones with the means of escaping. The Doctor is forced to make a difficult decision when Donna argues that they have to save at least someone from the destruction. Here Donna is making an ethical decision and despite the circumstances that would rule against it they decide to save a family from the volcanic eruption. The philosophical issue that arises from this is: should people make the decision to save someone’s life despite the consequences that can arise. First I will argue that your moral belief should dictate your decision because from a determinist perspective the consequences are already determined. Then I will argue that the decision you make should align with the laws of nature. Finally, I will argue from an ethical standpoint that the decision to save lives despite the events that follow is the most moral decision.
I will assert that all decisions and consequences are already determined by forces beyond our control. This argument relates to the philosophical issue at hand because if the consequences are already determined then a person’s action was already pre-ordained and whatever happens was intended to be, by a power that an individual had no power over. In the situation of deciding whether or not to save a life the determinist would believe that what is supposed to happen will happen. One should do whatever they feel is their duty as a person because the consequences are out of their control. The consequences that arise from saving that life, whether good or bad are a result not of their choice but of fate. Let’s say that you see 13 year old Adolf Hitler choking on a piece of candy. You are the only person around to save him and you have no idea what he will do in the future, at that moment he is just a child near death. What is done next and all that will occur after that moment are not in your control. He was supposed to be saved for whatever reason you are not the direct cause of anything because it was just meant to occur in that specific way. This example explains that in reality we don’t truly make the choice. The choice is made for us by external forces we are pawns that just follow through on an intended plan with set choices and outcomes.
I will now address the counterargument to this is Free Will made by David Hume. Hume believes that human beings assess a situation based upon certain predetermined events and from that form a choice and that this choice is made spontaneously. As human beings we have the power to make rational and well thought out decisions based on previous...

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