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Did you know that in America alone, roughly around 36 million people suffered from migraine attacks? Migraines are one of the most common diseases, but the trickiest when finding the source. Women are three times more likely to experience a migraine rather than a male. The prevalence of migraines between male to female is; males are 6.5% and 18.2% in women. That’s a huge difference in percentages if the whole United States is put in perspective. According to (Dr. Karin Johnson a neurologist of Bay State medical center’s sleep center) a migraine is a very common disorder and about 20% of people have migraines. Everyone often mistake migraines for a psychological disorder rather than a neurological one when in fact about 24% have gone to an hospital emergency room with intense pain. Tension headaches are caused by tight muscles in the scalp and/or neck. The difference between a headache and a migraine is that migraines are much more severe and disabling while a headache can be unpleasant but tolerable. A migraine occurs when nerve cells in the brain are activated. They release chemicals which cause the blood vessels in the brain to dilate, and become inflamed. Doctors used to think that migraines were primarily a vascular event, which are related to the blood vessels and connected with the circulatory system. Headaches and migraines are diagnosed according to their individual symptoms. Although migraines can be short these attacks are episodic chronic lasting from four to seventy- two hours.
The first sign of a migraine is called a prodrome or known as a pre headache, which is a sick or moody feeling. The second sign is an aura which is a flashing reoccurring light that causes bright spots in your eyes or zig- zags in their vision. Not everyone experiences visual symptoms such as an aura. Women are less likely than men to experience an aura with strange visual disturbances and other sensations that produce the painful part of a migraine. The third sign of a migraine is named the crescendo of the migraine that brings pain, nausea, and extreme sensitivity. The fourth sign is also called the postdrome which is considered a headache hangover giving you the feeling of drowsiness which lasts up to a day or more. The scalp, sinuses, teeth and muscles and joints of the neck can also be a factor of pain to leading causes of migraines. There are a huge variety of triggers that can bring on or antagonize a migraine. Environmental triggers include extreme hot or cold temperatures, bright lights, strong aromas, and airplane travels. Stress can include anxiety, shock and grief. Physical causes could result from over exertion, and also eyestrain. Migraines affect boys during childhood more than girls because once puberty hits the female hormone estrogen levels rise. Hormonal triggers change in hormone levels from menopause, ovulation or even while on birth control. Migraines tend to improve in the late trimesters of pregnancy and when you hit menopause it can...

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