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The lack of an enterprise part numbering system is a major deficiency in our company. The data from our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems indicates that our engineers located in various geographical design locations design on an average 300 parts every day. An enterprise Part Numbering System (PNS) will greatly improve the management of the constantly changing portfolio of parts in our company. It will have a far reaching impact in every aspect of our operations including supply chain management, inventory management, part number duplication, design duplication effort, design management, change management and components reuse.
The main purpose of any PNS is assigning a unique number to each of the component we design and manufacture for a specific application. There are three different methods of Part Numbering Systems widely used in the industry.
1. Significant (or Intelligent) Part Numbers
2. Semi-Significant (or Semi-Intelligent) Part Numbers
3. Non-Significant (Random) Part Numbers.
In this report I analyze the merits and demerits of each of the method. The method we select cannot be changed easily in the future. Hence the method we choose will have long lasting impact on our company
Significant Part Numbers
Significant Part Numbers method is the earliest form of numbering system. In this method each character in the part number has a significance describing an aspect of the component such as product line, raw material, color, size etc. And an engineer can identify the details of the component from the part number. For example, the part number for our hydraulic spin on 12AT/50AT Series filters will be constructed shown in figure 1.

Figure 1
One of main advantage of significant part numbers is it provides all significant characteristics of a component. This helps the CAD designers to be acquainted with the part based on its number. This will be useful to search and reuse existing components rather than designing similar components from scratch (Arundacahawat 2013). Another advantage is this method makes the component grouping and sorting based on the numbering scheme much easier than other numbering systems with very minimal manual effort. This numbering system also makes the description field redundant and can be eliminated. Removing the description field avoids any ambiguity about the component functionality. Systems which rely on description field to identify the part number consume lot of system resources. They require the user to spell the search criteria properly and some are even case sensitive. If the user misspells the description then it makes the component identification impossible.
The disadvantage of this method is it is impossible to capture all the significant aspects of the component in the name field of the component. This method needs an extensive documentation explaining about the numbering scheme. Another significant disadvantage of this method is all employees need to have the knowledge about the product to...

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