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In the other hand Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma (ARMS) typically affects all age groups equally, but it is the type most often seen in older children and teens. This type of rhabdomyosarcoma most often occurs in large muscles of the trunk, arms, and legs.
Bone cancers are somewhat difference to the other cancer since this type of cancer can develop in children at any age but usually targets older teens as well as older children. "They account for about 4% of childhood cancers." (American Cancer Society) There is a similar bone cancer that unlike this one primarily starting in the bone Matastatic bone cancer starts in some other part of your body then makes it's way to the bones. There are two really common types of bone cancers, which are Osteosarcoma and Ewing Sarcoma. Osteosarcoma is one of the most common cancers. It is usually founded in fast growing bones and shows up mostly on teens. The pain is intense and worsens at night or with any type of physical activity which will swell up around the bone. Unlike Osteosarcoma, Ewing Sarcoma is a less common cancer in the bones but someone is diagnosed with it their is a more likely chance that it would be a young teen. Also the most likely places for this cancer to start include shoulder blades, ribs, bones in the pelvis, and the chest wall.
“A risk factor is anything that changes your chance of getting a disease such as cancer. Different cancers have different risk factors.” (American Cancer Society) Some important risk factors that can affect adults more then children is the lifestyle the adult is living it in including doing drugs, having extreme overweight and not getting enough exercise. There is also environmental factors that come in place like being exposed to a lot of radiation. Even the changing of DNA can affect cells to become cancer cells. Some cells are inherited, but most don't. Children may even be affected before birth. Sometimes the causes of gene changes in certain adult cancers are known (such as cancer-causing chemicals in cigarette smoke), but the reasons for DNA changes that cause most childhood cancers are not known. (American Cancer Society)
The treatments for children's and adult’s cancer will differ by two factors the type of cancer and the extent the cancer has proceeded on the patient. The most common types of treatment are surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and more types. Children's cancer are most responsive to chemotherapy then adults since kids are still growing they have the tendency to recover quicker but with adults that is not the case because the older they are the less possibility will be that they can get through cancer and have a positive outlook like children still do. Even though the treatment for cancer in children and adults may differ the treatment team stays the same which consist of: Pediatric oncologists (doctors who specialize in using medicines to treat children with cancer), Pediatric surgeons (doctors who specialize in performing surgery in...

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