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With more and more planets being discovered everyday isn’t it a little narcissistic of us to believe that we are the only planet that can sustain life. With movies like Star Wars, and Star Trek the thought of extraterrestrials are becoming more mainstream. However there are still many people who don’t believe.

Throughout history there has been countless reports of U.F.O sightings. One of the first accounts is from the annals of Thutmose III who ruled around 1504-1450 B.C. The Egyptian papyrus states that "The scribes of the House of Life found it was a circle of fire that was coming in the sky. It had no head, the breath of its mouth had a foul odor. Its body one rod long and one rod wide had no voice.
Now after some days had passed, these things became more numerous in the skies than ever. They shone more in the sky than the brightness of the sun, and extended to the limits of four supports of the heavens. Powerful was the position of the fire circles. Thereupon, these fire circles ascended higher in the sky towards the south…. “ This excerpt is an example of a man trying to explain something he has no prior knowledge of.
This was written centuries before the first airplane. What could they have possibly seen in the sky that was “one rod long and wide, and had no voice.” Obviously it wasn’t a bird, or a plane. So how logically can you dispute this to be anything other than a U.F.O. I suppose writer could be hallihuating, or maybe it was just a bad dream. This sighting however do not stand alone. In Italy 216 B.C it was written that there were “things like ships in the sky over the city. 90 B.C it was reported that “a globe of fire, fell to the earth, gyrating. It then rose from the earth, and ascended into the sky, where it obscured the disc of the sun.” If you had never seen an airplane how would you describe it?
You might say a giant metal bird or maybe a flying ship. Now in modern times we have better ways to describe the things we see in the sky. Thought out the years numerous Airplane Pilots have reported seeing unidentified flying objects moving in ways far we have not yet achieved . Just this month a pilot has reported 'near-miss' encounter with a U.F.O near London. According to the pilot “a rugby ball-like” U.F.O passed his jet.
Just as the pilot was sure the U.F.O was bound to crash in the jet the U.F.O passed within just a few feet from him. One of the most famous U.F.O sighting is the Roswell New Mexico crash. In July 1947 the people of Roswell reported seeing “a bright saucer shaped object with glowing lights moving across the sky at 400-500 miles per hour. ” Later a man checking his sheep discovered debris scattered across part of his ranch. The man then took some of the debris and showed them to friends and neighbors. He eventually contacted the sheriff of the town.
Who then believing that the crash might be connected with military contacted the authorities at the Roswell Army Air Field. The debris was then...

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