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If the world were perfect, the average Joe would read voraciously- in his free time, waiting for the light rail, while riding shotgun in the car or even in the tub. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. People are changing the way they spend their free time. They are trading their books for the television and Wi-Fi. Every day the amount of time spent reading is decreased and people are spending all of their free time on their electronics. You should read because it’s one of life’s leisure’s that can improve your knowledge, make you a better person, and expand your imagination.
If you’ve ever dreamed of an abundance of knowledge, look no further because reading can grant you a life full of knowledge. A handful of my closest girlfriends wouldn’t be caught dead with a publication other than Cosmopolitan. They have great personalities and are overall great people but, none of them are the type of smart that could pull off a bank robbery. The lack of reading can influence this assumption. With this anecdotal evidence, I can conclude that I can bump into a group of women and figure out within minutes which set of ladies picks up a paperback instead of a magazine before bed. Not only does reading improve your knowledge, but it lets you in on the joke. I can state numerous situations where someone has quoted a novel I haven’t read and I stood there dumbfounded. Most expressions people say stem from a book or an idea that was rooted within one.
Consider how you may make yourself a better person, one might buy a how-to book or maybe smile a little more, but, in my opinion purchasing any non-fiction or fiction book can make you a better person. I find that people who read almost every day are more tolerant and understanding with others personal opinions. They are considered this way because they’ve “walked” in a plethora of people’s shoes. In almost every book there’s a hero and a villain, as we read this familiar story, its human nature to want the best, so the hero begins to rub off on us. We begin helping old ladies cross the street, and begin getting cats out of trees just to be like hero we’ve read about since we were kids. Reading books impacts us in a positive way to be better...

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