Political Frame Analysis Of An Organization's Effective Management

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In any organization, effective management is difficult to achieve and maintain. Analyzing organizations from multiple perspectives allows people to better understand the system and potential issues involved and to identify solutions. Bolman and Deal utilize a four-frame approach focusing on the structural frame, human resource frame, political frame, and symbolic frame.1

This paper will discuss the political frame. The political frame views companies as jungles and focuses on the powerful members in an organization who negotiate and influence others. The political frame also looks at the dynamics of alliances and opponents and how they interact.1

In terms of the political frame, the employer’s job is to influence and negotiate with people inside and outside of the company. If done correctly, these strategies give the employer access to key players in the industry by building strong alliances. If these strategies are used incorrectly, the employer is viewed as a con artist or thug and is distrusted by employees and outside companies who believe the employer is a fraud or is manipulating them.1

The political frame relies on the assumption that organizations are alliances of unique people and interest groups. The people are unique due to their different views of the world, their morals, faith and activities and the information they have given these characteristics. The political frame also assumes that all key decisions arise from the need to allocate scarce resources such as time, money and information. These scarce resources and differences amongst people are what make conflict the core of organizational dynamics and make power such a crucial asset. Finally, the political frame assumes that all objectives and conclusions are essentially reached through these tactics of influence and negotiation.

Interview Participant

Bill Dinino manages KBD Investments in southern California. The phone call took place on Monday, March 31st from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. Mr. Dinino’s telephone number is (818) 298-1377; his email address is billdinino@gmail.com.

KBD Investments

KBD Investments primarily purchases residential and small commercial properties in Bakersfield, California, either on its own or as the representative of investors. KBD Investments typically must quickly rehabilitate properties after purchase, either to rent or resell the properties. For rental properties, KBD Investments continues to manage the properties after negotiating the purchase.


Bolman and Deal discuss nine sources of power: position power (authority), control of rewards, coercive power, information and expertise, reputation, personal power, alliances and networks, access and control of agendas and framing.1 Mr. Dinino has position power since he is the owner or owner’s representative, and finances the organization. He also has control of rewards since he hires and pays people, and coercive power, since he can consequently fire those people. He has information and...

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