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With the increase in population, city has faced severe population pressure issues. More and more people like to move into cities, so that city starts to be a pronoun for pressure, but since people have more chance find a job in a city than a rural place, so city also becomes a pronoun for chance for worker. People keep moving into cities to get more chances of living. But as the population keeps growing, there must be an equilibrium point of population living in the city, but how about the growing population? People figure this question out by the urban development. There are so many benefits of urban development. First, Urban development will reduce the automobile density to reduce the traffic congestion, travel time in the city, and the air pollution, and also provide cheaper places for people to live, especially for the low-income families. Therefore urban development will be the tendency for the growing population.
First of all, urban development can help to reduce the traffic congestion. According to Pattern Analysis of Driver’s ‘‘Pressure-State-Response’’ in Traffic Congestion, “Traffic congestion has become a peculiar phenomenon in rush hour of big city, and the rapid increasing number of automobiles and comparable insufficiency of transportation facilities are the direct reason” (Qi, Pei, Song, and Bie, 1), with the current quality of life continues to improve, more people choose to buy a car to improve their lives, but the increasing of car use directly cause the traffic congestion. More cars are used in the certain area of a city, so the density of automobiles was increase, which causes the traffic congestion. People cannot do anything to stop individuals buying cars but only trying to transfer their willing to move into cities, so that move to urban could be one of the choices. If urban places have been developed, more chances of work will be provided, so that more people will like to move into the urban area. Then, the problem of traffic congestion will be solved. The automobile density will be reduced, and the problem of traffic congestion will be released.
Having released the traffic congestion, urban development can help to reduce the travel time. The number of cars in a city is direct proportion to the travel time that requires using to drive in the city. According to The Economics of Traffic Congestion, “In the 39 metropolitan areas in the United States with a population of one million or more, roughly one-third of all vehicular travel takes place under congested conditions in which speed averages half of its free-flow value” (Arnott and Small, 446), cars essentially make people’s life become more efficiency, but since everyone starts to use cars in their daily life, the traffic congestion become the major thing that wastes people’s time on their way. Also from what author Arnott and Small say, “With some 75 million licensed drivers in heavily populated areas, each averaging roughly 16,000 kilometers per year within those areas,...

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