Problems With Parents And Youth Sports

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Children play youth sports to learn what it is like to be a part of a team. They also learn to socialize with people, how to listen, how to follow rules and most importantly how to have fun. Than why do so many kids quit playing sports.

Sports are a great way for parents and children to spend time together. Since kds spend more time at school each day than they spend with their parents. Sports are a great way for parents and their children to spend time with each other. Each year 35 million American children ages 5 to 17 will play at least one sport. 85% of these kids will have a parent be a coach in the sport. 15% of them of scared to play sports. 71% of them do not care if score is kept. 37% wish their parents would not watch them play sports. 35% of them do not plan on playing sports next year. (Statistic Brain, 2013)

Every parent that has children playing a sport has some involvement; the degree of involvement is different for each parent and children. This involvement is how much the parent spend time with their kids this includes time spend at practice and games and driving them to practices and games as well as home much time is talked about the sport. The biggest factor when it comes to parent involvement is how much money is spent on the children. If a parent buys their child the most expensive gear needed for the sport. The parent will most likely want the kids to be successful. These factors will put extra pressure on the child to be good at the sport and if he feels like he is not as good he will not want to let the parent be let down and their stress level will increase. Also if they children do not get any support from their parents they will also not like playing sports. Having too much involvement puts a lot of stress of the children playing the sport. (Stein & Raedeke, 1999)

So how would children like their parents to act like before, during and after the game. Before the game their would like the parent to make sure they are ready. By making sure that they are there on time, they have everything they need and making sure they are ready to play. Making sure they eat before and have their ankles taped are ways they are ready to play. They do not want their parents to they do not want to be talked before the game because it will increase their stress level. During the game children want their parent to cheer on the entire team not just their child. Children also want their parents want to focus on the effort they played at and not their outcome of the game. They want their parents to recognize that they played hard and not just about wins and loses. They also want their parent to be positive thought out the whole game. Not to focus on the negatives. They want parents to keep cheering on the whole team and only focus on the positive plays not the negative plays. Children would also like to have their parents control their emotions during the game. The do not want their parents to cheer really loudly when the do some thing right...

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