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As child growing up some of the frightful memories include a visit to the dentist; an evil man with scary drill whose solve purpose is to hurt you or the first day in elementary school you finally leave all behind the cozy classrooms and nap times of kindergarten and enter the big leagues. All of these are considered a cakewalk compared to standardize testing. Since the start of elementary school students in the United States are taught to test. In many instances students are held back or placed in remedial classes because of lower grades. But many don’t realize that some students are not great at testing taking and because of the lower grades some educators believe that these students are ...view middle of the document...

Under the current policy of No Child Left Behind, standards and assessments rest tightly at the national education policy, and remain the strongest force on policy and practice. However, despite the important role of high-stakes testing in the effort to improve America’s public education system, there have been numerous effects on schools, teachers, and students.
Facing the pressure of standardized tests, students try to cram too much information in a short period of time. Memory capacity decreases from the stress of one high-pressure test that can decide whether they get left back to do an entire year over. Poor test results may also make them feel insecure about their intelligence and encourage them to give up. Therefore it is evident that many students in the United States have weakened the ability to think creatively.
Christopher Longo states that Inquiry-based science instruction has led the way
in assisting students in the process of discovering knowledge for themselves
instead of simply being asked to recall information. Inquiry learning promotes
creativity by increasing motivation, wonderment, and curiosity. The author
proposes that inquiry is the key to enhancing creativity, while still meeting the
demands of standardized testing (Longo 2).
Inquiry based learning is a form of teaching which involves the teacher as a guide on the side. In other words, the students guide their discovery, by formulating questions and figuring out how to answer those questions. In this way, students are invested in their learning and are more motivated to get results. An inquiry-based activity includes using critical thinking skills such as making guesses, connecting data and forming explanations, testing the explanations. Observing surroundings, happenings using visual clues, listening, counting, sketching and recording data; also collaborating with others. In a nutshell, inquiry based experiences tap into multiple intelligences, meaning many different learning styles are be engaged. Longo is a science teacher at Bethel Middle School, Bethel, CT, and a doctoral student at Western Connecticut State University. He goes on to say when students take more responsibility for their learning, creativity can be stimulated as a result. Therefore it is import to find alternative methods to gauge the standards in an educational system rather than imposing high-stakes test. In the meantime, implementing methods such as inquiry based learning will foster creativity and increase student’s ability on critical thinking.
Another expressed concern is that children today are placed under such
pressure to perform well on standardized tests that the anxiety adversely affects
performance outcomes.
“Monica Osburn, a professor at University of North Carolina, argues that the
attitudes and perceptions of parents with respect to the importance of tests, the
responsibility shared by parents and teachers for student performance on these
tests, the testing climate...

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