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In Allan Moyle’s movie Pump Up the Volume (1990), the protagonist of the movie, Mark Hunter, hosts an anonymous radio talk show that addresses the various flaws within the educational system. Though, Mark had not understood how large of an impact his talk show had upon the student body at Hubert Humphrey High School, student’s respond to the suggestions of action that Mark imposes, leading to a social movement against the school.
In the beginning of the movie viewers witness the first followers of Mark’s talk show, as a few students’ from Hubert Humphrey High School gather in a baseball field to listen to the show on the radio (Pump Up the Volume). Though, Mark does not know if anyone is actually listening to his radio show, the few followers displayed in the beginning of the movie represent the first followers. First followers are people that primarily follow the leader of a preconceived social movement displaying how easy to follow a social movement can be. In light of this, the followers that are displayed in the baseball field display how Marks ideas and opinions of the school are easy to follow as he keeps his talk show relatable to the students highlighting the start of a social movement (youtube.com). Mark also displays his leadership as he does not make the social movement about himself but the student body as a whole as displayed in the beginning of the movie when Mark decides to call the school vice Principal Mr. Desky on behalf of Cheryl Briggs expulsion due to her pregnancy (Pump Up the Volume). By calling the vice principal during the talk show, it provides followers with the idea that the leader will treat the followers as equals, thus, making it about “them” instead of “him.”
As Mark’s show begins to gain momentum, he gains more followers as displayed later in the movie where most of the school gathers in the baseball field to tune in on Mark’s talk show (Pump Up the Volume). Because Mark’s talk show has been made public through the production of his talk show on the radio, his first followers that had displayed the acceptance of the social movement emulate more followers to Mark’s movement against the educational institution. This myriad of followers displays how the social movement against Hubert Humphrey High School has gained momentum, which is more closely displayed through students’ actions against the school to disrupt the schools speaker system, and vandalize school property with signs that say “talk hard” (Pump Up the Volume). The students’...

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